Best Anti Fog MX Enduro Goggles

Best Anti Fog MX Enduro Goggles

You might think that there’s no noticeable difference between standard motocross goggles and enduro goggles, but enduro MX goggles own a feature which shows otherwise. The main difference between standard motocross goggles and enduro goggles is that they have a dual lens, whereas when it comes to the rest of the aesthetics and features, they remain mainly the same. It can be frustrating choosing the right goggles for you, because there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider before making your choice, otherwise you’d end up purchasing something that won’t serve you well. To clarify, here are the most important features to look out for on mx enduro goggles:

  • A dual lens
  • Tear off posts on the lenses
  • Lens tints in dual lenses

It’s important to note that in this article, I’ll mention five products that I think are most likely the best in 2020, but you can always do more research and see what meets your requirements the most. If you don’t really know where else to search for such topics, has done a pretty good job at ranking the top 40 dirt bike blogs on the web. Anyway, now let’s start off with the product reviews and see what you can expect from these anti-fog MX enduro goggles.

Top 5 Best Anti Fog MX Enduro Goggles

5. 100% Accuri Enduro Goggles

100% Accuri Enduro Goggles are uniquely designed goggles that feature a construction which mostly suits a more narrow face. In fact, all the 100% goggles are mostly made with the intent to fit best a more narrow face. That being said, for someone that has a wider face, these type of goggles might not fit too well.

To continue, what I like the most about the 100% Accuri Enduro Goggles is the focus that they provide. You get excellent vision with a clear point of view at which an object is situated with respect to the lens, hence, everything you see ahead of you will be well defined. In addition, the included lens is very thin, which is a good thing because that is all that stands in your way when you are focused. The manufacturer has done a pretty good job with the overall aesthetics, and it’s very important for the rider to maintain focus while riding to prevent unexpected situations such as an impact from happening.

Right out of the box, this particular model of enduro goggles comes standard with a dual pane, while on the other hand, you also get a fog treated clear lens and triple layer foam for additional comfort. Since we mentioned the foam, it’s also important to note that the material is also sweat-absorbant, a feature which you’ll not find in many other competitors at this price range. Moreover, the strap is 45mm wide and I find it to be at a well-thought-out size, but also msot riders prefer it at 45mm wide.

Before we end, let’s also point out the fact that you can get these goggles in four different color variants such as Black Tornado/Clear Dual Lens which we are currently reviewing, the Clear Lens/Red, Gray, and Reflex Blue/Clear Dual. Although, color is not the only thing that makes them different, some of the models posses a specific feature that the others don’t, so before making your purchase, I suggest you take a close look at the given specifications.

Overall, the 100% Accuri Enduro Goggles stand at a very reasonable price range for what they offer and how good they’re designed, so if you’re looking for something similar, these stylish goggles will suit you just well.


– Triple layer face foam
– Moisture absorbing qualities
– Optimum comfort
– A Dual Lens that is Anti-Fog Treated
– Comes in 4 colors


– No outriggers

4. Oakley Airbrake MX

You have probably heard of these goggles, or maybe you’ve seen them being used by champions like Ken Roczen, Ricky Carmichael, or Toby Price. I consider these goggles to be state of the art since they check all the boxes no matter in what aspect you view them, design-wise, construction, feature-wise, and so on. What’s more impressive about these goggles is the fact that they are built with the latest technologies, and that clearly makes them stand out from all the other models on the market today.

Since we mentioned the technology, the Oakley Airbrake MX feature the new “Switchlock” tech which is a good addition especially for enduro riders, since it allows you to change your lens quickly and without fuss. As you might know, changing a lens can be very frustrating, but that’s not the case with these goggles.

In addition, the Oakley MX enduro goggles also feature the “Prizm” high impact lens technology, which is something you haven’t really seen in other goggles. The main purpose of Prizm is to protect you from flying dirt and especially rocks. Apart from that, Prizm MX lenses also help you see subtle transitions in dirt conditions so you can master all those split-second decisions. The provided resistance in its aesthetics basically makes you invincible, it is the first MX design you’ll see with a lens of pure Plutonite.

Many riders as well as professional ones consider these goggles the new standard of protection, while for the most part, you’ll also enjoy the adapt-and-conquer approach with the Switchlock technology which we mentioned above. This is pretty much everything you need in goggles, all the features as well as the resistance and the construction quality needed to keep you protected, comfortable, and focused.

Moreover, I’d also like to mention that you can get these goggles in a variety of colors as well, such as in Jet Black, Bronze which we are currently reviewing, Matte White, Splinter Orange Red, Black, and Grey. Nonetheless, no matter what you choose, all of them are well-thought-out and perfectly built, while what will fill your requirements the most is the included F3 anti-fog coating.

To conclude, if you’re looking for state of the art goggles with the latest technologies, the Oakley Airbrake MX goggles are the ones I would recommend.


– PRIZM lens technology
– High Impact Plutonite Lens
– F3 Anti-Fog coating
– Switch-Lock Lens Technology
– Outrigger System for Balanced Fit
– Injection Molded Polycarbonate under extreme pressure to create a precise contour of optically correct geometry


– The price is a bit high

3. 100% Armega Goggles

I have been a fan of the 100% Armega Goggles for a long time, mostly due to their design, which means they don’t disappoint in terms of quality as well. The Armega goggles offer unparalleled dominance for the modern racer, bringing ULTRA HD lens clarity to motocross. You will be able to literally experience the definition and subtlety never before viewed through the lens of a goggle.

To continue, it’s important to note that these goggles feature a 3D modeled lens, whereas construction-wise, they are made of polycarbonate material that is specifically designed to have zero optical distortion. All and all, you won’t be able to find any imperfections regarding the lenses, so all you need to worry about is the track ahead.

What makes these goggles truly stand out from the other models on the market is the HiPER technology that helps contrast RGB color sprectrums to really enhance what you are looking at. With such contrast-enhancing technology you will feel the depth of terrain as you’re commanding past it. To get into the specifics, this so called HiPER technology is injection-molded into a shatterproof lens that boasts an enhanced field of vision.

In addition, the six-point locking-tab integration secures the lens and works in unison with a quick-change system enabling you to switch between lenses with a couple of simple clicks. A bonded, dual-injected frame incorporates a next generation sweat management system. So, as you can see, pretty much everything that these goggles have are as premium as it can get. What I also like about the %100 Armega Goggles is the fact that force air intakes in the frame allow for increased airflow to ensure FOG-FREE vision, which is one of the most impressive features and why I recommend these goggles to you.

Moreover, these goggles stand at a very reasonable price offering everything that you could ever ask for, whereas their ULTRA HD lens will provide you with unparalleled optical clarity. Apart from everything, you will also like the quick-release system that offers simple lens changing.

All and all, 100% Armega Goggles are very reputalbe in their category, they are one of the best anti-fog MX enduro goggles on the market today, and at a reasonable price like this, I would recommend you take them into serious consideration, and if you ever decide to purchase them, you won’t regret your decision.


– Fog-free vision
– ULTRA HD lens clarity
– HiPER contrast-enhancing lens technology
– Six-point locking-tab integration
– Dual-injected frame
– Force air intakes in the frame
– Quick-release system



2. 100% Unisex-Adult Tanaka Racecraft MX

The Unisex-Adult Tanaka MX goggles are cheaper than the Armega Goggles, however, they bring great value and they share similar design qualities. If you were to choose between these two product, whichever you choose, you wouldn’t go wrong with either of them, so let’s get more into details to see what the Unisex-Adult Tanaka Racecraft MX goggles have to offer.

To begin with, it’s important to note that all 100% MX goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile. However, when it comes to choosing which model suits you the most, it becomes a bit more complicated than you’d expect. First and foremost, the construction materials used often differ from one another, in this case, the model which we are currently reviewing, the Unisex Tanaka Racecraft are constructed of durable, yet flexible urethane. That being said, these goggles are not only durable, but also comfortable to wear along with plenty of features that will keep you focused on the trail ahead.

This particular model comes equipped with anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan lens for unimpaired vision. Unlike most anti-fog goggles on the market today, this model gives you clear visualization which is great for spotting rocks or other objects ahead of you. It’s important to have a clear view when riding because the smallest objects can lead to the roughest accidents.

To continue, let’s also point out the fact that these goggles feature oversized 45mm silicone-coated strap that holds your goggles motionless. Although, this is not the only model provided by the manufacturer, there’s also a mirror/smoke lens model that includes an extra clear lens and 20 standard tear-offs in the box. To be more specific, clear lens models include 20 standard tear-offs in the box.

To conclude, if you’re looking for durable, high-quality goggles that will last you for many years to come, the Unisex-Adult Tanaka Racecraft would be the ideal choice for you. I can assure you that the lens doesn’t get scratch or hazed, and you’ll get perfect airflow which is most important for you while riding.


– Constructed of durable, yet flexible urethane
– Anti-fog
– Scratch-resistant Lexan lens
– 45mm silicone-coated strap
– Durable
– Reasonable Price


– The design

1. Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles

Leatt is a well-known, popular, and respected brand across the world, especially in MX and dirt bike gear industry. This reputable brand has continued to amaze users with its high-quality yet reasonable priced products for years, which is also why I saved these goggles for last. The Leatt Velocity 6.5 won’t break your bank, but they’re most certainly the most premium goggles out there offering outstanding performance when riding while sitting comfortably on your head.

So, as you may know, Leatt truly takes it to the next level when it comes to protection, which is also why they decided to built these goggles with bulletproof qualities which work in all conditions. They don’t just label these goggles “bulletproof” for marketing purposes, but they are really built strong with the intention of protecting you at all times.

In terms of the design, you get to choose these goggles from 7 different color variants, starting from Pink/Cyan/Rose Lens which we are currently reviewing, the Black/Green Smoke 28%, the Black/White Smoke 28%, the Brushed/Grey Light Grey 58%, the Ink/Blue/Light Grey lens, Ruby/Red Rose UC 32%, and White/Grey/Light Grey Lens. So, as you can see, you can easily find the model that matches your riding outfit the most, but take in mind that no matter what you choose, all of them share the same qualities, so color is the only thing that makes them different.

Not all goggles meet one’s expectations, but you can’t possibly go wrong with Leatt’s unique combination of safety, optically correct and permanent anti-fog lenses. The Velocity 6.5 goggles feature an optimal fit with pleasing overall aesthetics which are ideal for any rider out there. Well, of course, buying goggles doesn’t mean that you can go faster, or even mastering your techniques and riding skills, but at least they’ll protect you in case something happens while performing such things.

Moreover, I’m really happy with these goggles, especially with the delivered vision that is perfect in all conditions, all things considered, these goggles won’t slow you down or make you lose focus while riding. If you’re looking for goggles with such qualities without having to break your bank, then the Velocity 6.5 goggles are the ones for you.


– Bulletproof/Durable
– Comfortable with a perfect fit
– Great design
– Anti-fog lenses
– Reasonable Price


– None

Bottom Line

As we got all of that out of the way, by now I assume you have enough information and arguments to support your decision. As you saw, most goggles share similar qualities, however, all of them differ from one another in terms of construction and quality. What matters is comfort and quality, two aspects that these that we’ve chosen today all posses. No matter what you choose, all of them well-built with a well-thought-out design to get you through the fog. These are not the only anti fog MX enduro goggles out there, and if none of the above mentioned products matches your preferences and taste, then you should do more research until you find something that meets your requirements the most. I hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have any questions regarding this topic, make sure you contact us and we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.