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Best Dirt Bike Boots for Trail Riding in 2022 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

    best dirt bike boots for trail riding

    Trail riding can be pretty rough, and for dirt biking, you should really have the best gear and only the best dirt bike boots for trail riding. I say this because your safeness must be everyone’s first concern, that way you can continue to have fun dirt biking.

    For some, dirt biking is a hobby, but for some, it’s a lifestyle. Having a good pair of boots for trail riding is essential, which is why I have compiled a list of the top 5 best dirt bike boots for trail riding.

    All the models were carefully chosen with proper research and testing. On my website, I only recommend gear and accessories that I’d be comfortable using, so I urge you to check out the boots mention down below.

    By the end of the article, I believe that you’ll be able to come up with a decision because in every review you’ll find all the information you need. There are a couple of things you need to consider when buying dirt bike boots for trail riding, and you’ll find an informative article at the end to give you an idea of what to look for. Okay, let’s not lose any time and get straight to the details to see what makes these boots be so special.

    Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding in 2022


    The reason why you probably haven’t heard of this company is because Forma is relatively new to the market.

    However, as a new company, Forma has managed to crawl to the top of the chain in the dirt bike boot industry, and one of their recent boot models was the Forma Terrain TX Off-Road which we are currently reviewing.

    There’s really a lot to talk about these boots, they’re pretty unique because they show what the company is capable of crafting and how far can they go.


    These boots are specifically designed for rough rides, and that’s what basically trails bring. They’ve become my favorite pair of boots due to the fact that for a reasonable price, they carry along a plethora of protective features that are really worth mentioning.

    First and foremost, the Terrain TX Enduro feature injection-molded plastic protections and polyurethane nylon reinforcements. As we got the exterior out of the way, the interior is what makes these boots really special.

    The Terrain TX Enduro boots consist of a padded polymer inner lining, and what’s special about it is that such material absorbs impact energy effectively and conveniently. That being said, combining all these features into one piece, these boots will provide your legs with exceptional comfort, and they’ll do a great job at protecting your ankles and feet from getting injured.


    Since we brought up support, let’s also point out the fact that these boots have an FCS Pivot articulating system implemented that truly supports your ankles and it keeps your legs comfortable as you move. If you’re wondering, the pivot is an in-vogue aspect that is nearly a must-have in any dirt bike boot, and I’m really glad that these boots have that feature included.

    Although it’s important to note that if you decide on buying these boots, it’s also mandatory that you buy inner booties along with the boots. I say mandatory because they tend to provide you with extra support on your ankles, and you’ll benefit greatly from them.


    The Terrain TX Enduro boots feature an anti-slipping rubber sole which is useful in many situations when you’re riding, such as when bike shifting or braking, while on the other hand, this type of sole aids when you’re off the bike trekking through uneven terrain.

    You can pretty much tell that these boots were made to last long, and even though trail riding can be rough, the Forma Terrain TX Enduro doesn’t seem to get bothered by that.

    For more convenience, these boots have nearly unbreakable alloy buckles, even when they’re facing the densest and risky impacts. It is great when you think about it because one on hand, this means that the buckles won’t come off, and on the other hand, you’ll be safer.


    The Forma Terrain TX Enduro is a worthy choice to consider due to the fact that these boots come altogether with plenty of useful features into one reasonably priced package.


    Alpinestars products have been a long-time favorite for dirt bike riders across the world, and these pair of boots are no exception. I have been using the Tech 7 Enduro boots for quite some time now, and all I can say is that they’re totally worth it.


    The Tech 7 Enduro boots are not the newest model, however, they’re pretty decent and they can compare to some point with the Tech 10’s, basically the big brother.

    These boots come with plenty of protective as well as supportive features, and for the most part, these features are the main reason that these boots became popular in the first place.

    First, it’s important to note that the Tech 7 Enduro boots come with TPU panels, but that’s not as impressive because that’s the standard nowadays. What’s impressive is the built-in features that will give you optimum protection in an event of an impact.

    For your convenience, these boots feature a protective calf plate that’s injected with high modulus polymer, while on the other hand, you’ll be surprised to know that they also come with an exclusively developed blade flex system that will allow your feet to move flexibly while you’re riding. Furthermore, apart from doing that, they also prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion, so you’ll be pretty much all set and safe when you’re out riding.


    As we mentioned support above, first let’s point out the fact that these boots consist of a steel shank that does a great job at offering lateral support during your ride. More on that, what makes me like these boots, even more, is that they have a dual compound bonded sole which is great for comfort, but it’s also great because they’ll support your feet even during the longest rides.


    These boots’ soles are what make the Tech 7’s eligible for trail riding due to the fact that they can adapt easily. They also feature a pretty unique pattern with big lugs for traction on the bike and off. In practice, the lugs can be found on the slimmer side unlike most other dirt bike boot soles out there, and that’s pretty much what makes them offer good traction.

    For added convenience, you’ll be surprised to know that the entire sole is replaceable, but that’s not all since the footpeg inserts are replaceable as well.


    If you’re looking for a pair of good dirt bike boots for trail riding, the Tech 7 Enduro boots would be your ideal choice for many reasons. They deliver great value for money, and I only recommend using what I’d feel comfortable using, so I can assure you that these boots will serve you well.

    3. GAERNE 2019 SG-12 BOOTS

    Gaerne SG-12 are Italian-made dirt bike boots and they are a part of a very successful line of boots from a highly reputable and respected company. They are superior whether you see them in terms of protection, support, or quality.

    They come at a pretty hefty price I must say, but they definitely deliver the same amount of value back, maybe more.

    They consist of lots of premium features for protection, but they’re excellent dirt bike boots for ankle support as well.


    The Gaerne SG-12 boots consist of a dual-pivoting glide plate design which works great but with the help of the Razorback Strut.

    The Razorback Strut is basically the backbone of the boots which moves along with your feet as you’re riding. That being said, you’ll be provided with exceptional flexibility even during the toughest rides while still preventing your ankles from moving in undesired and unnatural positions. Such unnatural positions can really damage your feet and cause serious injuries, so this is a great feature to have overall.

    To continue, for extra support, the dual-stage pivot system is there to enlighten all of this even more. So to explain it, there are two pivots one of which is attached to the “wishbone” of the boot to provide you with lateral support, while the second pivot helps when it comes to flexibility while riding. The second pivot is attached to a sliding glide plate and it truly keeps your feet comfortable and protected even when your shifting or braking hard.

    What I also like about this so-called pivot system is that it limits your movement. To be precise, it limits your movements in positions and angles that can be harmful to your legs. Thus, the boots will prevent hyperextension in case of over-jumping a hill or placing a lot of pressure on your ankles and feet.


    The padding is probably the most appealing feature of these boots, and probably my favorite part of them as well. TPU or also known as thermoplastic polyurethane, it’s a pretty unique material that helps a lot when it comes to absorbing shock because it’s a shock-absorbing material itself.

    This material is spread throughout the boots, and it’s a great addition to have because in an event of an impact, all the caused energy will be easily absorbed. This is especially great because all that energy is most likely to go to your ankles and heels, and damage them, so TPU will do a great job at keeping your feet protected at all times.

    In addition, for more convenience, the manufacturer has made sure to keep your feet comfortable as well. So you’re really like the memory cell foam lining, as soon as you will wear the boot, the lining will mold in a structure that will match your ankle and provide you with exceptional comfort while keeping your ankles firmly in place.


    The Gaerne SG-12 are well-thought-out and uniquely designed boots that check all the boxes of how dirt bike boots for trail riding should be like. Although as you saw, they’re not only feature-rich in terms of protection, they’re also pretty great when it comes to keeping you comfortable since the boots also feature plenty of supportive features as well.


    If you’re after brand reputation, then Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS MX Boots are probably the boots you’re after. Sidi is a well-known and respected brand in the dirt bike boot industry, and it will remain as such due to the quality boots that they deliver, and the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots are no exception.


    Remember all the protective features that we’ve mentioned above, well, The Sidi Crossfire 2’s have all of that, but also more. First, let’s point out the fact that these boots are surrounded by great TPU paneling which I think it’s pretty thoughtful because this TPU paneling will be very useful against roots, boulders, tree branches, and so on.

    What is also great is that the paneling is replaceable on the inner side of the foot, while for the most part, the paneling will protect your foot and the boots against unpredicted damage that often happens when your foot slips off the pedals. In such cases, the inner foot is more vulnerable, but the paneling tends to make such areas invulnerable.

    In addition, the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS features a dual-hinge system that does a great job of supporting your ankles and protecting them as well.

    It’s important to note that these boots don’t include an inner bootie system, however, you won’t really encounter any devastating impact due to the fact that the Sidi Crossfire 2’s are exceptionally supportive to your legs and ankles.

    You can actually take advantage of the extra slimness that is provided due to the lack of a bootie. This way your ankles will be allowed to stay in a natural position while also helping you while making shifts and turns.

    Moreover, along with the Sidi Crossfire’s you also get removable arch support. This might not be as much of a big deal for you as it is for me, but it’s actually a pretty useful and nice feature because you can switch to different arch support while you’re out on your adventurous dirt bike ride or hike.


    Just as the name suggests, these boots feature SRS, which means there’s a Soles Replacement System available. To be exact, these soles are set by flat screws, plenty of them. So when you feel like replacing your sole with a new one, you can do that just by releasing and refastening the screws.

    For your information, if you decide on purchasing these boots, you’ll be receiving them either with motocross soles or enduro soles. Either way, both options are great and provide you with exceptional traction, but I prefer the Enduro soles more.

    I really like the idea of being able to choose between to sole options, that’s great because different dirt bike riders can have different tastes and preferences, so that’s a plus.

    Durability is simply a strong aspect of these boots since every part of the Sidi Crossfire 2’s is covered with TPU paneling just as we mentioned, from buckles to the sole.


    These boots carry a really expensive price, but they pay the debt fully with all the protection and support features. Apart from that, they are made from the highest-grade materials which are more than convenient for dirt bike riding, and what’s even better is that they’ll last for like forever. The Sidi Crossfire 2’s are probably the most premium option boots that you can find out there, and you simply can’t go wrong with them.


    Yet another pair of Alpinestar boots, and this time an old but gold pair of boots which have been popular among dirt bike riders for many years now, and there’s a set of pretty convincing features behind it.


    As we all know, protection is something that really needs to be considered when buying dirt bike gear. In this case, when you’re looking for dirt bike boots for trail riding, that matter becomes even more serious.

    The Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro boots pack some really impressive features when it comes to that, starting from the TPU surrounding that we also mentioned above. Thermoplastic polyurethane is a really great material for optimum protection because it’s shock-absorbent and it does a great job in an event of an impact as it protects your ankles.

    In other terms, this TPU material is the best feature when it comes to absorbing impact energy during a crash as it helps to mitigate the damage that can harm your joints and bones.

    Since we mentioned the protection features, let’s also point out a couple of interesting facts about support. These boots consist of an ankle brace system that includes soft foam mostly concentrated around your ankle and collar.

    In addition, this will provide the rider with a comforting feeling as well as support that will help keep your feet firmly in place. Other than that, the boots also have a bio-mechanical medial blade system which allows for a frontal flex, but it also prevents hyperextension in unexpected terrains.


    First, it’s important to note that these boots feature an all-terrain sole design with a high-grip rubber compound. The design it’s pretty unique actually because it makes the soles much more smoothly when it comes to shifting on the pedals while offering exceptional traction, unlike any other boot on the market out there.

    Apart from that, what gives extra credit to the soles’ durability is the sew design, so if you feel like they’ve become old, you can always replace them in a matter of minutes.

    All of these features tend to extend the lifespan of these boots, but I still haven’t mentioned the upper construction that features a flexible and abrasion-resistant microfiber material. Before we end, let’s also mention that the toe box is made of a synthetic material that does a great job of resisting high-abrasion.


    These may be the older model boots of the Alpinestars Tech line, however, they’re the most recognized and popular ones that also have a more reasonable price compared to the newer models.

    They’re pretty much the most well-rounded boots out there, they’re durable, quality, protective and as supportive as it gets, so you really shouldn’t hesitate on purchasing them.

    What To Look For In The Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

    PROTECTION: There are some cheaper dirt bike boots on the market which are not as eligible for trail riding as some other midrange boots. I hate to say this but the price really plays a huge role in the dirt bike gear industry as you’ll only find the best protective features in those expensive boots.

    Either way, this is truly an aspect which you should put much attention to, as your safeness must be your biggest concern, and having the most premium protection features in your boots will be mandatory.

    SUPPORT: In an event of an impact, all the energy goes to your heels and ankles, which in most cases can damage and cause serious injuries. That being said, make sure you check out what supportive features the boots have because you do want to keep your ankles firmly in place and protected at all times. I’d suggest you go for a pair of dirt bike boots that feature TPU surroundings. Thermoplastic polyurethane is a shock-absorbing material that absorbs all the energy that comes from an impact.

    DURABILITY: As you probably know, dirt bike boots can have really hefty prices, so try to consider them as a one-time purchase. What I mean by this is that before buying your pair of dirt bike boots, check out for durability measures, crafting quality and such similar stuff, because you do want your boots to last for many years to come, right?

    Our Final Verdict

    When choosing the best dirt bike boots for trail riding, you have to think about their protection, the level of support, the quality of the boots’ soles, and their overall durability. Cheap dirt bike boots tend to give one or the other while making you feel uncomfortable or even prone to getting injured. Therefore, if you plan to spend some time trail ring on your dirt bike, I firmly believe that buying high-quality dirt bike boots is worth your investment.

    Choosing your dirt bike boots for trail riding can get pretty frustrating, especially due to the fact that the market is pretty huge nowadays. Out of all the models out there, I tried to put only the most decent pair of boots that check all the boxes whether you see it in terms of protection, support, durability, or price-worthy.

    As you saw, there are a lot of features that you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing a pair of dirt bike boots, although this article is supposed to make this easier for you. No matter which pair of dirt bike boots you choose from above, they’ll serve you well, keep you protected, comfortable, and last you for many years to come.