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Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Trail Riding (2022 Buying Guide)

    I am the kind of person who is always looking for new and innovative gear for my dirt bike trail riding routines.

    Since you’re reading this article, your current gloves are either getting your hands sweaty all the time, they’re not as comfortable as you thought they’d be, or they’re not as protective as the company claimed.

    Either way, in this article, I have gathered the top 5 dirt bike gloves for trail riding from only the best manufacturers out there. I made the list based on many important factors, but mostly protection, comfort, and design.

    It’s essential to protect your hands from anything that can damage them, that can cause scrapes or bruises.

    This is why you should choose a tough pair of dirt bike gloves, strong enough to protect your knuckles and the back of your hands.

    Now, when it comes to trail riding, you’re going to want to pick a pair of gloves that are thick and protective enough to cover the hand without easily tearing, but also comfortable enough to prevent your hands from getting sweaty.

    So, let’s not wait any further and get straight into the details to see what these gloves have to offer.

    Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Trail Riding in 2022

    5. Klim Dakar Pro

    Klim Dakar Pro gloves are a popular option among dirt bike riders, and they’ll remain as such due to the comfort and protection features that the manufacturer has implemented in them.

    They also come at a fair and reasonable price, so let’s get straight into the topic to see what makes them be so special.

    Reinforcement and Design

    From the palm to the knuckle, these gloves are made of Poron XRD. If you haven’t heard of this material before, I don’t blame you.

    However, it’s a very moldable material that does a great job at protecting your hands in an event of an impact.

    Thus, the material makes the gloves wearable and flexible across the hand.

    In addition, what I also like is the fact that the gloves come reinforced with rigid thermoplastic polyurethane, and on the other hand, carbon fiber is also present which tends to make the gloves thicker and tougher at the same time.

    In terms of the design, the Klim Dakar Pro gloves feature a bulkier look than usual, and just from their look, you can tell that they are built for larger hands.

    The design of these gloves is pretty unique, in fact, the gloves also feature sensors that are a great addition for accessing electronic devices while wearing gloves.

    Moreover, the leather overlay along with the elastic on the wrist and Velcro tab, this gloves will easily slide on and off, while they’ll offer the optimum protection that you are looking for.


    When it comes to comfort, these gloves consist of optimal ventilation zones that do a great job at allowing your hands to breathe while preventing them from sweating as well.

    All and all, you’ll feel pretty comfortable wearing these gloves, they are built with that specific reason in mind.


    These gloves are pretty decent, and they’ve been an all-time favorite of mine due to these simple reasons.

    The Klim Dakar Pro are the most well-rounded gloves that check all the boxes, whether you check them in terms of durability, protection or comfort, you won’t be disappointed in any case.

    4. Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

    Alpinestars is a well-known and respected brand which has been around for quite some time.

    During that time, this company has managed to get on top of the line whether you’re searching for dirt bike boots, helmets, or other gear. These gloves that I’m about to review are an example of their work, so let’s get into the topic and see what do these gloves have to offer.

    Reinforcement and Design

    Since you’re reading this article, I take it that your current gloves wore out faster than you thought they would, and that’s the most common problem with almost any dirt bike rider out there.

    The most sensitive area is the palms, and because they are used more, they wear out pretty fast.

    However, that’s not the case with these gloves, the Alpinestars Megawatt gloves feature reinforced synthetic suede palms and thumbs that makes them pretty durable and eligible for you to wear them for many years to come.

    In addition, what you’ll also like is the padding. Basically, the padding is abrasion-resistant which is great for your protection and less impactful on your hand.

    Design-wise, you can get these gloves in two different color variants, the black version and the version that changes the knuckles to a shade of reddish/orange.

    Nonetheless, if you combine all of these features into one, you’ll get a comfortable wearing as well as a protective and comfortable ride.


    What makes these gloves stand out from the other models on the market is the reinforced palm and thumb padding.

    Basically, this aspect adds some extra comfortability and makes up for a better and slimmer fit and grip.

    In addition, you’ll also like the perforated leather and stretched polyamide over the hand, while for more convenience, the extra ventilation system will prevent your hands from getting sweaty and discomforting you in any way.


    On my website, I only recommend stuff, gear, and accessories that I’d be comfortable using. These gloves are no exception, they bring great value for money, and they’d make a remarkable addition to your dirt bike trail riding.

    3. Klim XC Lite Glove

    Klim gained its reputation from making quality gloves for dirt bike enthusiasts. I first saw these gloves on a friend of mine, whereas later I decided to use them as well and try out how they’d perform.

    What made me buy the Klim XC Lite gloves was the fact that I could choose from lots of color variants, and because they’re pretty light and comfortable.

    Reinforcement and Design

    These gloves feature a layer of synthetic reinforced leather which is great since it enables the gloves to be more flexible, while on the other hand for offering a better grip for optimum control.

    Apart from that, what makes the Klim XC Lite unique is the reinforced TPU that is included.

    If you don’t know what TPU is, it stands out for thermoplastic polyurethane and it’s a great material that absorbs shock in an event of an impact.

    Not only that the gloves offer excellent knuckle protection, but there’s also a silicone grip present throughout the padding, more precisely and densely found at the fingers which allows for a tighter grip on the handlebars.

    When it comes to the design, it’s important to note that you can get these gloves in a variety of color combinations, and that’s great in my opinion since everyone can find the variant that matches their tastes and preference the most.

    Moreover, no matter what you choose, all of the color variants have a unique vibrancy that will shine with style, pretty much, your gloves will be the center of attention.


    I think that comfort is the most important aspect when you buy dirt bike gloves, because if you can’t focus on the trail as you should due to discomfort reasons, then you might end up with an unlikely accident.

    To avoid that, protection and comfort should be your main concerns when you’re searching for a pair of dirt bike gloves for trail riding.

    Klim XC Lite gloves offer exceptional comfort, and for the most part that’s mostly possible due to the fact that these gloves are pretty lightweight. In fact, these are the lightest gloves that I’ve reviewed, used, or seen.

    That being said, the gloves are as breathable as it gets, and for more convenience, the manufacturer has implemented ventilation holes throughout the gloves to ensure optimum airflow and prevent your hands and palms from getting sweaty.


    These gloves became popular over the years due to the fact that they’re pretty light yet protective and comfortable at the same time.

    But apart from that, people also liked the idea of having to choose from a wide range of vibrant colors. If you’re just a starter in trail riding, these gloves will keep you safe, protected, and comfortable at all times.

    2. Fox Racing 2019 360 Gloves

    Fox Racing is probably the most popular dirt bike brand out there, and if you’ve been trail riding for some time now, I believe you’ve already used some piece of gear that this brand has produced.

    A helmet, a bodysuit, or maybe these gloves, this brand does a good job at filling the audience’s wishes, and they do that will style and quality.

    Reinforcement and Design

    When it comes to trail riding, you should have all the best equipment available on you, and that’s because that’s when you need the most protection.

    A good and decent trail riding glove should have protective features as well as comfortability features that would allow you to concentrate on your ride rather than concentrate on the things that may discomfort you.

    The Fox 360 gloves feature TPR modules on the knuckles of the gloves, while for more convenience, the entire glove is made of a material called Stretch Cordura.

    Stretch Cordura is known for offering exceptional mobility, and it also makes the glove extremely comfortable to wear.

    Unlike the other glove options that I have mentioned, the Fox 360 doesn’t come in much color variant options that you can choose from, there’s only the black option, the red, the bright blue, and grey.

    Even though all these colors are great, some people prefer more fancy combinations. Nonetheless, the color is not what matters, what matters is that these gloves will keep your hands safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.


    Since we brought up comfort, I’d like to point out that Fox 360 glove consists of a hook and loop closure that allows you to fasten the glove as much as you want.

    That’s pretty impressive because that makes sure that your hands stay inside the gloves no matter how much impact energy you encounter.

    In addition, let’s not forget to mention that there are also perforations for optimal breathability and comfort available.


    Everyone loves Fox, this brand is everyone’s favorite option when it comes to helmets, boots, or other dirt bike gear out there, let’s not forget their famous bodysuits.

    They’ve done a pretty good job, and these gloves are the perfect example that will show you how much quality and work they’ve put on their gear.

    The Fox 360 gloves are comfortable while featuring the highest-grade protective materials, while durability is also a strong aspect of them, so you simply can’t go wrong with these gloves.

    1. O’Neal Butch Carbon

    Similar to Fox, O’Neal is just as popular and both companies provide not only gloves, but other dirt bike gear as well.

    There are plenty of things that make these gloves unique, starting from the molded polycarbonate armor that will protect your hands in even the toughest impacts.

    Reinforcement and Design

    The O’Neal Butch Carbon gloves are made of long-lasting and durable materials which means that if you decide to buy these gloves, you should consider them as a long-term purchase because they’ll last for many years to come.

    In addition, what you’ll also like is the loop wrist close and the hook.

    They are both adjustable, thus, you can securely fit your hands and curve the shape of your hands while wearing the gloves to ensure yourself a more comfortable fit.

    There are a couple of other features that are worth mentioning such as the additional TPR impact protection and the injected patches on the top and sides.

    The fingers are made of silicone which adds an extra layer of protection plus helping you with lever control, while the palms are protected in a very unique way from two layers of Clarino padding.

    If you didn’t know, Clarino padding reduces blistering, and for the most part, it absorbs impact energy so nothing bad happens to your hands in an event of an impact.


    If you are after brand reputation, then this pair of gloves would be your ideal choice. The O’Neal Butch Carbon gloves deliver optimum protection, comfort, and quality, and it does all of that within a reasonable and affordable price range.

    I would highly recommend you take these gloves into serious consideration, they well-rounded and they truly check all the boxes of how a good pair of gloves for trail riding should be like.