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Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 (2022 Buying Guide)

    Many people don’t take this seriously, but your dirt bike helmet should be top-quality if you don’t want to take any risks while riding. There are some stylish dirt bikes out there which take some points in terms of design, but when it comes to how secure they are for you, they don’t make the cut.

    Speaking from experience, I’ve been that person who was always after style and design rather than security precautions, but nowadays, there are plenty of dirt bike helmets out there that checks both boxes, style and quality.

    However, if you’re willing to get a stylish and top-quality dirt bike helmet, you should also be willing to spend some extra bucks on that, because the best quality helmets out there are usually expensive.

    Although on the other hand, it’s also better to have a cheaper helmet on your head, than riding without one, so yes, in this list I’ve included dirt bike helmets that range from low-cost to high-cost, and hopefully, you’re going to find the one that meets your requirements the most.

    All the listed helmets are the best options that you can find, and I listed them based on durability, quality, price, and of course, comfort because you want to be comfortable while riding and focusing on the trail, right? Okay, so let’s dive in and see what these helmets are made of.

    Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 in 2022

    1. O’Neal 2 Series Helmet

    If you’re a dirt bike enthusiast, then you must have heard of O’Neal. It’s one of the most highly-rated companies in the world for producing dirt bike gear, and it has been around for over fifty years, so they know what they’re doing and you can trust them when it comes to comfort, quality, and security.

    One of my favorite helmets from this brand is the O’Neal 2 Series Helmet – Slick, however, this is my number one to go helmet, and it’s the most expensive on the list, but once you’ve read the whole review, I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced that this is the helmet for you.

    The O’Neal 2020 2 Series Slick Helmet offers some serious value and an amazing quality for its price, and what I like most about this part is that the helmet features a polycarbonate and ABS shell, so that tells us two things, it’s strong yet lightweight at the same time.

    Therefore, with such features, the manufacturer has made sure to construct the helmet in such a unique way to ensure that your head gets the best protection, and maybe it won’t totally eliminate the risk of crash damage, but it will definitely minimize it a lot.

    For more convenience, you’ll be happy to know that this model meets DOT and ECE 22.05 certifications, which adds a lot of credibility to this helmet when it comes to the department of protection in dirt bike quality.

    Since we mentioned comfort above, that’s one of the strongest areas of this helmet since every inch of its construction has been well-thought-out and measured properly so your head fits comfortably, but that’s not all.

    In addition, the O’Neal 2020 2 Series also consists of plush padding which adds an extra layer of comfort, while on the other hand, such materials are premium due to one simple reason, you can remove and wash them anytime you feel like they’re dirty.

    Other than that, the latter feature of the padding also gives a great look to the overall appearance and it’s particularly nice. All and all, I really like the fact that you can remove the padding, it just makes everything simpler because you can just throw it in the washer and your helmet’s padding will be ready to go for your next ride in a matter of hours, and with a great smell as well.

    Moreover, one of the most appealing features of this helmet is the ventilation, it will do great at cooling you off and keeping you dry while on the trails, and that really allows you to focus more.

    Simpler, more innovative, and better quality, that is everything that the O’Neal 2020 2 Series Slick Helmet promises you, and this is probably the best option that you can find at $100.

    2. HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet – Solid

    HJC has been hitting the market recently with some pretty competitive helmets, and I have been using this particular model for quite some time now, which is also why I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you.

    The CS-MX 2 Helmet packs some really serious features, and it’s definitely a piece of gear that you should really consider, especially because of the price. Although it’s important to note that the price can vary a little depending on what size you get the helmet, also if you’re getting this helmet with graphics, that will also hike up the price a little more.

    To get more into the details, first, let’s point out a couple of interesting facts about the helmet’s protection capabilities, shall we? Protection is one of the biggest highlights that this helmet has, and it’s the most appealing area which the manufacturer has done a great job crafting.

    To be more specific, the helmet features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell which despite its durability, it’s still lightweight. In fact, the helmet only weighs about 2.8 pounds altogether, and it doesn’t sacrifice strength against the impact of it.

    Apart from that, the helmet is also DOT approved which gives an idea of the helmet’s protective qualities, and such qualities are not easy to meet.

    Although protection and durability are not the only strong areas that the helmet has, the CS-MX 2 comes with numerous comfort features which will elevate your overall experience with it to a whole new level.

    As we mentioned, the helmet is lightweight, so you immediately know that it won’t be a burden on your head, while for the most part, you’ll also like this helmet because of the stellar ventilation and cush padding.

    Since we brought up the ventilation, the CS-MX 2 features ACS(Advanced Channeling Ventilation System) which uses grooves in the EPS structure of the helmet and takes advantage of them for transporting fresh air through the helmet’s channels. Therefore, as you’re riding your dirt bike, the helmet will be constantly cooling you off.

    Let’s not forget to mention the interior though. The so-called Nylex interior which is a material that prevents moisture from building, while on the other hand, you’ll be surprised to know that the padding can be removed and it’s machine-washable, so the helmet will always smell good.

    Overall, if a stylish helmet with fancy graphics is what you’re after, then the CS-MX 2 deserves your attention because, besides all of that, it also packs remarkable comfort and some incredible protection features.

    3. Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Burnish Helmet

    When looking for budget-friendly dirt bike gear, Fly Racing is the first company that you should look out for. In this case, the Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Burnish is such a helmet, affordable, and relatively new to the market, so you should definitely check it out.

    In terms of the design, this helmet comes in a variety of colors, to be more precise, there are 11 colors from which you can choose from.

    These colors include orange/white, pink, grey, White/Hi-Vis, black/white, orange, gray/black, neon pink/white/purple, black/white/Hi-vis, and Blue/black.

    All of them feature an eye-catching design, some of them are with complex linning, some of them with splash-alike forms, but all the colors are fantastic, and it’s great because there’s no chance you won’t find something that meets your taste.

    Apart from colors, the helmet also comes in a number of sizes, ranging from x-small, Small, youth small, medium, youth medium, large, x-large, and xx-large, so you can always find the one that feels more comfortable.

    Protection-wise, same as the other models that I have mentioned, this helmet from Fly Racing also packs a number of awesome features for safety, and for such an affordable product, it definitely delivers great value for money.

    First and foremost, this particular model features a polly-alloy shell which is known to be durable and lightweight at the same time. For more convenience, the Fly Racing Youth Kinetic also consists of EPS lining, and this feature can be rarely found in helmets of this price range, they are more often used in high-end dirt bike helmets.

    To break it down for you guys, the idea of dual-density lining is for one main purpose, so that one layer is softer, and one layer is harder, while this densities enable the helmet to absorb impact energy in crashes, sounds great right?

    Let’s also not forget to mention that the helmet is also DOT approved, so if that makes any difference for you, here you go.

    If you have noticed already, in this list I tried to put helmets that are all-rounders, which means they don’t lack protection, they don’t lack quality and design, and more importantly, comfort. Therefore, the Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Burnish Helmet packs some serious features when it comes to comfortability.

    To get into the details, this helmet has a hi-flow mouthpiece as well as 10 large vents. Well, I think you already know what the air vents are there for, so pretty much, it will help with cooling you off while you’re out riding.

    In addition to this, the interior padding also plays a huge role when it comes to comfort, and for your convenience, the padding is removable and washable. You are not only going to get rid of the bad smell by washing the helmet, but that will also increase its durability, which is what we all want, right?

    Simply put, the Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Burnish Helmet delivers great value for money, and it’s the best budget-worthy dirt bike helmet that you’re going to find under $100.

    4. AFX FX-17 Helmet

    The AFX company is specifically oriented towards creating and crafting only helmets. Recently, AFX has grown rapidly by producing and providing dirt bike riders with innovative helmets that come at cheap prices, which in this case is their entry-level AFX FX-17.

    To cut it straight to the chase, one of the main selling points of this helmet is its protection capabilities.

    To be more specific, the AFX FX-17 features an advanced polly-alloy plastic shell which as you can imagine, it’s pretty strong and very lightweight at the same time.

    In practice, those two elements are what are going to provide you with comfort, and protection at all times while riding in the trails.

    In addition to that, in order to decrease the amount of drag while you’re riding at top speeds, the manufacturer has implemented an aerodynamic design to the shell, while on the other hand, the DOT and ECE 22.5 certifications will add more convenience and hopefully more eligibility for you to trust this company.

    Let’s also not forget to point out the fact that this is a highly-rated helmet on Amazon, and during my research, I came across customers that were reporting that the helmet is great, it’s stylish, durable, and comfortable above all.

    Since I mention style, you can get the AFX FX-17 in nine different colors, and all of them look fantastic, but of course, it all depends on your preference and taste. These colors include flat black which I am currently reviewing, frost gray, orange, camo multi which represent a mixture of details and textures, flag black which has the American flag on it, flag stealth, flag white, fuchsia, and danger red.

    Apart from that, the helmet also comes in various sizes ranging from 3X-Large, 4X-Large, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large, so you basically can’t go wrong with the size since one of them has to fit your head more comfortably than your current helmet.

    As far as comfort goes, the helmet includes the standard ventilation system, but what makes it special is the superb lining. To be exact, the lining and cheek pads are made of hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial material, which do not only keep the helmet clean and safe, but they also add an extra layer of comfort to your skin if it’s sensitive.

    You can also remove the lining along with the cheek pads, they are machine-washable which is great because when you come back from a long and sweaty ride, you’re going to want your helmet to smell good the next time you use it.

    That being said, you can see that the AFX FX-17 pretty much checks all the boxes of how a decent and quality dirt bike helmet should be like.

    Of course, I haven’t really covered everything there is to tell about it, for instance, the helmet also includes a removable screwed-on, vented visor, while it also features goggle grips on the edges of the eye-port which help in keeping the goggles firmly in place and a bunch of other stuff. But I think you already get the idea of how great and reliable this helmet really is.

    5. HHH Dirt Bike Helmet (Hard Head Helmet)

    I came across this helmet early in 2019 on Amazon, a friend had recommended to me but I couldn’t find the product online. Well, I couldn’t find it because at the time it didn’t have many reviews or any rating at all because it was relatively new to the market.

    Before I get more into the details, you should know that this helmet has a flip-down visor, which means that goggles aren’t really an option with this one, but it’s a great helmet overall. So basically, you can use it as long as there is sun, as soon as the sun goes down, it’s unusable.

    To be honest, when you consider the price, this helmet delivers so much more than that, it’s the most affordable one in the list, and it really does it’s primary job effectively, it protects you.

    Design-wise, this helmet comes in two colors from which you can choose from, the matte black which we are currently reviewing, and the gloss white, but no matter what you choose, both of them share the same specifics and characteristics, so colors is the only thing that makes them different.

    You can also get it in four different sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and x-large, so you can always find the perfect fit for you.

    First out of the box, this helmet includes an additional bag, but that’s not really important. The most important thing to note about this particular model is that it meets the DOT standards (FMVSS 218), so you can definitely trust this helmet when it comes to protecting.

    In terms of construction, the Hard Head Helmet is made of strong materials that are used in higher-end models. Even so, the helmet is still lightweight so you won’t feel like carrying a heavy metal on top of your head.

    A helmet has one main purpose, protecting you, but another primary concern of you should be comfort and hygiene. Lucky for you, this budget-friendly helmet features a heavily cushioned interior which adds an extra layer of comfort against your skin.

    For the most part, you’ll also be happy to know that the whole interior can be removed and it’s machine-washable, so all the sweat from a long trail will be eliminated with only one wash. Therefore, this will not only make the bad smell and moisture go away, but it will also increase the durability and the lifespan of the helmet, which is what we’re all looking for, right?

    Finally, if you’re looking for an affordable yet decent, high-quality and perfectly designed dirt bike helmet, then this would be your ideal choice.

    Dirt Bike Helmet Buying Tips

    Injuries from head impacts can have serious consequences, which is why you shouldn’t make any compromise when it comes to choosing a dirt bike helmet.

    But again, it’s better wearing a cheap helmet than not wearing a helmet at all, so buying a budget-friendly and affordable dirt bike helmet is also a good choice.

    In today’s market, you’re going to get hundreds and maybe thousands of helmet models, however, this is a complex matter which requires plenty of research. And why is that? Because most of the cheap helmets out there don’t meet the demands and standards of dirt bike riding.

    That being said, when I wrote this article, I tried listing the helmets that I would feel comfortable using, and I do care about myself so you can pretty much trust each and every company that is listed above.

    All the helmets were chosen carefully with hours of research and testing, and hopefully one of the above-mentioned helmets meets your preferences.

    Final Verdict

    If you reached this far, then you have probably come up with a decision about which helmet is best for you. I won’t really pick a helmet in this article and say this is my top pick today, I think that that will just mess up with your decision, so I hope you’re confident.

    Nonetheless, it’s important to note that each and every helmet will do the job, and it will definitely lower the risk of damage on impact, but as you saw above, quality does matter and they all vary depending on their price.