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Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramps (Top 5 Loading Ramps In 2022)

    best dirt bike loading ramps

    A loading ramp is a unique piece of equipment that is necessary to have for loading up and unloading your dirt bike. Of course, that is if you don’t want to take any risks of dropping your dirt bike by accident when trying to load it with an “old plank of wood”, but improvising in such cases is not what you want to do.

    Nowadays, companies are constantly product intuitive, practical, and strong loading ramps that are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a great material because it doesn’t add much weight to a product, but it doesn’t sacrifice strength for it. What’s more interesting about these ramps is that most of them are foldable, which means that they won’t take much space when you finish the job and have to store them in the truck bed.

    Top 5 Best Loading Ramps For Dirt Bikes in 2022

    5. Chaparral Motorsport 7 Foot Folding V Loading Ramp

    Maybe you’ve heard of this brand before, or maybe you’ve used some of their gear, but Chaparral Motorsport has been producing some really innovative gear for dirt bikes over the years, and the 7 Foot Folding V Loading Ramp is no exception. It boasts a unique design that will truly make your loading and unloading process a whole lot easier.


    First, let’s start with the length. Just as the name states, the length of this loading ramp is about 7 feet, which is pretty decent hence it adds a great amount of convenience to the overall accessibility of the ramp and makes it suitable for different trucks. I have seen this loading ramp in action, the length makes it great, but the folding design makes it even more practical. To use it, what I’d recommend is to park the trunk somewhere near a hill to unload and load the dirt bike, and I say that because the ramp shouldn’t be angled so steep. Since we brought up the folding design, when folded the length reduces to about 4 feet which again, it’s convenient enough to store.

    Width, height, and weight are also important things to consider when buying a loading ramp. Surprisingly enough, this particular model is skinnier than most other models out there, yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality for it. It has a total width of 5-1/2″ which effectively supports dirt bike tires of all sorts. As you may know, the height plays a huge role when storing the ramp, so it’s important to know some details. When the ramp is folded, it boasts about 4-inches in height which makes it perfect for storing the ramp while traveling.

    In terms of weight and weight capacity, the loading ramp has a total weight of about 18 pounds, so you can already tell that it’s pretty much lightweight, and the addition of the folding design adds some extra convenience to the overall aesthetics. Weight capacity is probably the most important thing to note, since you’re going to need to know how much weight can the loading ramp support, just in case your dirt bike weighs more than that. The ramp has a total weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is more than enough for the majority of dirt bikes out there. However, I wouldn’t quite recommend it for people who own dirt bikes more than 250cc, it’s ideal if you have a 125-250cc range.


    The Chaparral Motorsport V Loading Ramp is not as affordable as some other models, but it’s definitely inexpensive when you compare it to some other models that share similar specs. What caught my attention the most about this loading ramp is that it features louvers on both ends of the ramp, and such louvers are known for connecting the ramp securely and firmly to the truck bet and the asphalt. So, the chances of the ramp to slide while loading up your dirt bike are set to a minimum if not zero.

    4. Titan 10′ HD 4-Beam

    The Titan 10′ 4-beam is a one-of-a-kind loading ramp that’s made out of metal and it can withstand some heavy torture. It boasts a simple design that lets you transport your dirt bike to and from your truck bed in a matter of seconds. With this ramp, you won’t need a second person for loading up your dirt bike. It’s bigger than most other models on the market, but that also raises the price of the product. Anyhow, with that price, you’ll get yourself a great loading ramp that is lengthy, strong, and wide enough to provide a solution for you.


    Just as the name of the loading ramp states, the Titan boasts ten feet in length, which is longer than you’d probably need, but the manufacturer has designed it like that with aesthetics in mind. You can space the end of the ramp way further from the truck bed, which will make it easier for you to store your dirt bike, it’s less steep and also easier for unloading. In terms of width, this particular model has a width of about forty inches, but when you see the ramp as a whole including the sides that make it, it’s about 11.35-inches wide. This means that you can choose whether you want to use just one side of the ramp for loading up your dirt bike, or both sides. Either way, even while using just one side, you’ll still be provided with enough space.

    Such dimensions allow you to step on the ramp along with your dirt bike and load it up more safely, without having to stretch your arms or body more to reach the truck bed. Dimensions are probably the features that made this loading ramp popular, and it will remain as such for many years to come. When it comes to height, it depends if the ramp pieces are folded or not. When folded, the ramp features about 6-inches in height, which is a decent size for you to store the ramp easily in your truck while traveling.

    The Titan 4-beam weighs around 98 pounds, which is a lot heavier than most other models out there, so that’s something you’re going to want to consider before buying it. Although looking at the bright side, this loading ramp can be unmounted to three different pieces, so transportation shouldn’t be a problem. Weight capacity is definitely something to be acknowledged since the Titan has a total weight capacity of 2,700 lb, which means that it will support all sorts of dirt bikes. Anyhow, all of these features do come at a really hefty price, in fact, the Titan is one of the most expensive loading ramps out there.

    In addition, this loading ramp also supports four-wheelers or ATVs. There’s a piece at the center of the ramp which you can use on its own, and it has a weight capacity of 1,500 lb which is yet again great for transporting heavy dirt bikes.


    The Titan 4-beam is probably the most premium option out there, it may be a little expensive but it’s definitely worth it. It comes with so many impressive features that are more than useful to you and for loading your dirt bike. The last thing that we forgot to mention is that there are also safety straps when loading and unloading the dirt bike, which is a great addition for security.

    3. Ready Ramp I-Beam

    The Ready Ramp I-Beam is also a premium loading ramp that has gained reputation over the years due to the unique design. Before we go any further, it’s important to mention that the Ready Ramp is also quite expensive, so if you’re after some budget-friendly option, this is not the one for you. What got my attention when I first discovered this ramp is that it comes in different sizes which depends on the truck that you have. That’s great because that way you can determine which size suits your truck the most.


    The Ready Ramp I-Beam is compact with a total length of 90-inches, while there’s an option for you to get the 100-inch version. You can choose the size depending on the truck that you own. If you don’t know how to determine what size suits you the most, I’d recommend the 90-inch version because it’s more decent and compatible with a wide range of trucks.

    When it comes to width and height, both versions the 90-inches and the 100-inches model share similar specs. The compact size Ready Ramp has a width of 15-inches, whereas the 100-inch version has a width of 16-inches, which isn’t that big of a difference. Anyhow, both these sizes are more than adequate and wide enough for you to load up and unload your dirt bike in a matter of minutes. The 90-inches Ready Ramp model can fit trucks that have beds of 50-inches, while the 100-inch model is designed to fit a truck with a bet width of 60-inches. This is usually the size that almost all tracks have. Apart from that, the Ready Ramp also has a decent weight of about six inches, which makes it very easy to store.

    Being at this price range, this expensive loading ramp should have a very generous weight capacity. The total weight of the 90-inches version is about 26 pounds, whereas the 100-inches version has a total weight of 28-pounds. Not very different numbers, very similar but the best part is that both are very lightweight, and that’s pretty much all you need for easy transport. Furthermore, the Ready Ramp has a weight capacity of about 600 pounds. Even though it’s a slim and lightweight ramp, it still manages to support all the weight that you need to load up your dirt bike.


    The most appealing feature that this ramp has is probably the ability to act as a bed extender when hooked up to your truck bed. It’s a multi-purpose ramp that is going to serve you well for many years to come, so if you’re willing to spend some extra money on a premium loading ramp, this is your best choice.

    2. Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp

    Fly Racing is a well-known and respected brand in the dirt bike gear industry. They have been constantly producing quality and intuitive products for riders for many years now, and the Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp is an example that shows their seriousness in creating useful products for people.


    This particular model has a total length of 88-inches which is great for most truck bed heights. Although, you still have to know for sure if this is the right size for your truck bed, ask a friend or maybe do the measurements yourself.

    In terms of width and height, the Fly Racing Curved is 11-1/4 inches, and that’s more space than you’d need to load up your dirt bike, but there’s a catch. No matter how spacious this ramp is, it’s important to note that it doesn’t have enough space for a person as well, so you’ll want to use a step stool in order to load the dirt bike safely on the truck bed. When it comes to height, this loading ramp is about six-inches when folded, and smaller doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Such small dimensions will help with making the process of storing the ramp on your truck easier.

    The Fly Racing Curved Folding Ramp has a total weight of 18 pounds, which isn’t much when you compare to other models at this range. Its lightweight construction adds more convenience when it comes to portability, especially when you combine it with the ramp’s folding design. Even though it’s lightweight, this particular model has a total weight capacity of 500 pounds, and that’s very decent since it suits a wide range of dirt bikes. Anyhow, what I’d recommend is to check out the weight of your dirt bike, because if you are planning on using this loading ramp for larger vehicles, such as an ATV, you’ll have to buy two of these models, or else to search for another model on the market.


    This curved designed ramp is the ideal choice for easy loading and unloading your dirt bike. It has a one-of-a-kind design that also folds in half for easy storage, so if you’re looking for something similar, this might your answer.

    1. Big Boy EZ Rizer MF1-10819-EZ Ramp

    The last in our list is the Big Boy EZ River MF1. This loading ramp is made by the highest-grade materials that makes it super strong, durable and it can withstand some really heavy torture. It’s probably the best option to go with due to its quality, but that comes at a very expensive price. If you ever decide to purchase it, you’re going to love how it looks, how strong it is, and how practical to use it is, loading and unloading will become as easy as it gets.


    Remember how I mentioned that you have to be careful of the length of the ramp that you’re getting, because if it’s not accurate with your trucks bed, then it serves for nothing. This is where the Big Boy EZ River comes into the spotlight. This loading ramp comes in four different lengths from which you can choose from, so the chances of you missing the accurate size for your truck bed are minimum. These lengths include 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet, which are the most common sizes for trucks.

    Width is where this loading ramp becomes special because no matter what length you choose to order it, all lengths have the same 19-inches width. However, 19-inches is a lot wider than most of the other models that we’ve included in this list. This width might be generous, but I always go for more safety, so for loading and unloading, I still recommend you get a stool and do it from on the ground and not stepping on the ramp itself. In terms of height, this loading ramp features 2-1/2-inches in height, and it’s about double once folded. Nonetheless, its versatility and portability still remains very manageable for storing it in the bed of your truck.

    Depending on the ramp length of your choosing, the ramps weight can vary. For instance, the 8-foot ramp weighs 46 pounds, the 9-foot weighs 51 pounds, the 10-foot weighs 53 pounds, and the 12-foot ramp weighs around 61 pounds. Even the 8-foot model definitely weighs more than most other models on the market, but it truly pays the debt in terms of quality. When you think of how much weight it can support, this product immediately seems lightweight. The total weight capacity that this loading ramp can support is around 1,500 pounds, and that goes for the 8-foot ramp, whereas the 12-foot one only supports 1,000 pounds due to its longer length.


    The EZ Rider Ramp is a versatile masterpiece that is easy to fold for easy transport, it has decent size for sparing room for other dirt bike equipment that you might have in the trunk bed, and it’s made of the highest-grade materials for better quality and durability.

    How to choose a loading ramp

    You can’t just go off buying whatever ramp you see, there are certain points that you have to take into consideration before doing so. To be exact, there are three crucial factors:

    • Length – As you saw, most loading ramps range from 7.5′ to 10′. Logically, the longer the ramp is, the less the weight capacity, the shorter the ramp more weight capacity.
    • Weight capacity – Most loading ramps have a weight capacity of 600 pounds and some other premium models can even hold 1500 pounds. The average full-size dirt bike weighs between 240-pounds to up to 370-pounds.
    • Ramp width – Even though this doesn’t seem like an impactful factor, the wider the ramp the better for you, because you won’t have to use a stool from on the ground and try to push the bike up to the truck bed. If it’s wider, it means that you can load up the dirt bike easier with you stepping on the ramp.

    First, choosing a decent loading ramp that suits your truck and has the capacity to holds the weight of your dirt bike might seem frustrating, but the specs are very straightforward, and you can’t go wrong with them. Even more, if you follow these three steps carefully, then you’ll be good to go.

    Dirt bike ramp loading tips

    Some people seem to think that the fact that dirt bikes are that heavy makes it eligible for them to try and load up their bike without a ramp. That’s not how you should do it, despite the fact that they’re not as heavy as it seems, they can be unwieldy when trying to load them. That being said, it’s always a good idea to have an extra helping hand when loading them up.

    Here are some tips which can be useful to you:

    • You only need one ramp for loading up a dirt bike, but two ramps will make the process way much safer and easier as you get to walk the bike into the truck bed.
    • Don’t use wooden ramps! I know there are some good wooden models out there, but from my experience, wooden ramps are slippery especially when loading up your bike in wet weather.
    • If you decide to go for a wooden ramp, most adapters from those models don’t come with hardware, so make sure you use carriage bolts when attaching the adapters to the planks.
    • If you’ve found a decent 7′ long model as most metal ramps have that length by standard, make sure it fits in the truck’s bed.

    Bottom Line

    As we got rid of all the product reviews and ramp loading tips, I assume by now you already have an idea of what kind of ramp is suitable for you, what to do and what not to do. I hope this article was helpful, and if by any chance I left some questions about the topic unanswered, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    The guideline is, don’t try loading up your dirt bike without using a ramp, and to be even more specific, I’d recommend to use metal and aluminum ramps only, wooden ramps are not as safe as you think. You can go ahead and watch on youtube loading fails and you’ll see that almost every motorcycle loading fail happens because the bike slips in the wooden surface of the ramp.

    Follow the steps, consider all the details, know the weight of your dirt bike and the length for your truck bed, and you’ll be good to go. If you can’t afford a premium model, there are also budget-friendly options included in the list, so you can pretty much decide on any of them since they’re all top-quality and highly-portable.