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Best Dirt Bike Pants in 2022 (Review & Full Buying Guide)

    Best Dirt Bike Pants

    Being a motorcycle rider sometimes requires specific types of equipment so that your ride goes as you predict. One of the most important ones is Dirt Bike Pants, which are proven to give you a much safer and comfortable ride. As a dirt bike rider, I can provide you a lot of necessary information on Dirt Bike Pants based on my personal experience and my last investments.

    The first thing you will see in these products is durability. Questions like ” Are these pants good and comfortable enough in the terms of material quality?” or “Can these pants keep me safe and save me from accident crashes or unavoidable impacts?”  will need to pop up on your mind so you will not regret purchasing the best ones there are.

    Being a dirt bike rider means that you know what kind of terrains you’re riding into, there are a lot of terrains that are hard to traverse, so accidents and crashes are already unavoidable. For the best of you, I have listed a good amount of Dirt Bike Pants models that will fit you extremely well and make you feel like you’re in safe hands. With that being said, none of these products is a waste of money, and if you are an enthusiastic dirt bike rider these will absolutely be your best purchase.

    Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Pants in 2022

    7. Alpinestars Men’s Venture R Off-Road Motocross Pant

    The Alpinestars Men’s Venture R model are the first on our list and the most recommended pick for you for many reasons. They meet the objectives at its best it comes to water-resistance, and other weather conditions. Just as the name states, they are most suited for off-road due to the textile material used to craft them which makes the pants a top pick for anyone looking for versatile pants.

    In terms of the design, they feature a rip-stop nylon and polyester fabric construction making them abrasion-resistant, and extremely comfortable to wear. I have been using these pants for quite some time now, and from my experience, their quality build has allowed my to always focus on the trail ahead and to not lose my mind with any discomfort or whatsoever leading to unpredictable accidents.

    Comfortability and mobility in this particular model are on another level and all of that thanks to the extended stretch area on the crotch, knee, and rear yoke. All and all, these pants are also equipped with knee PU reinforcement for additional resistance. If you’re a fast decision taker, then this time you are not making a mistake because these pants will serve you well for many years to come, the only thing to worry about is choosing the right size.


    • A very good abrasion resistance
    • Suitable for all weather conditions
    • Airflow circulation


    • Some complaints on durability

    6. Klim XC

    When it comes to best quality and durability you’ll need to choose wisely so these pants are extremely recommended since they are one of the most popular pants on the market today.

    They are made of lightweight nature material, making them so easy to wear and quite easy to move around with. If you think that these pants are excessively baggy and will easily fall off consistently than you are wrong. Even though they are made of light material they will perfectly fit on you because there are a number of adjustments that you can make which ensure that they’ll fit you well. 

    Moving around with them on, it won’t be a problem for you because the comfortability they provide is something that you should look up to. In the interior or exterior of Klim XC pants you will find a leather panel which will provide you a better grip while moving around on your Dirt Bike, also we need to mention the Vent Panels that are manufactured to improve your inside ventilation.


    -Klim XC comes with Dual Waist adjustments so the rider will fit in all waist sizes

    -Vent Panels to improve the inside ventilation


    -This model is quite expensive to acquire

    5. Fox Racing 180 

    Fox Racing 180 is the example of how perfectly designed and high-quality pants should be like. Fox Racing is truly proud of their work and success that they’ve reached with crafting products such as these. The material used to make these pants is a very high-quality one. When it comes to bargains this one is the specific one you should not miss, the price they cost is a joke compared to the quality they give. So if you think of saving money, I have to tell you that these are way more affordable than most competitors on the market.

    When it comes to the design, they feature an easy-to-stretch material, meaning that you can easily wear them in riders of all sizes fitting very well. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose your proper size when ordering them!  Moving around with Fox Racing 180 on will give you the best mobility, while when riding you won’t feel any discomfort or fatigues of any sort. Apart from that, they also deliver optimal protection from crashes and accidents, thanks to the number of features that have been integrated into pants.


    -Contain Vent Panels that will improve your ventilation

    -Heat and abrasion-resistant leather knee panels increase durability against knee braces, guards, and the bike

    -Rider Attack Position (RAP™) construction for an improved ergonomic fit on the bike



    4. Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen

    Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen pants have been supplied with a collection of customization features so they are more efficient in general performance. When it comes to airflow, they perform remarkably no matter the situation you are in.

    Ventilation is significantly better because they have equipped pants with Vents to improve air circulation. When it comes to protection, there are plenty of features to mention, but the most important thing is that the manufacturer has managed to make these pants extremely lighweight and breathable. Thus, they deliver optimum support to your knees at all times.


    • Lite Hydrogen delivers unparalleled lightweight performance, comfort, and flexibility.
    • Lightest, most breathable racewear with an athletic tailored fit.
    • 4.8 ounces lighter than last year’s pant.
    • Maximum flexibility, breathability, and support where needed.



    3. Klim XC Lite

    Klim XC lite can give you the feeling like you’re almost wearing nothing, the mobility that these give you will make you feel less fatigued and less stressed, meaning that moving around with them is very easy.

    Weather changes are not a problem when it comes to Klim XC Lite, whether it is raining or it’s not, you’re still going to get amazing performance while riding. To be more specific, they’re waterproofe and when it is hot the pants will try to keep away the heat and leave you as cool as possible due to the remarkable design additions that are included.

    The waistline is equipped with a silicone band on the interior which is proven to be a very smart feature because it makes the pants able to hold you properly and protected from any unavoidable impact.


    -Reinforced with leather panels so the grip is better

    – Vented TPU knees help to enhance airflow providing maximum comfort ride


    -There have been some complaints about durability

    2. O’ Neal Element Afterburner

    This particular model of pants is made with the purpose of maximizing protection and comfortability. They are very easy to wear thanks to their elastic nature material. The O’Neal Element Afterburner is equipped with a Ratchet closure system, meaning that the Closure System aids in terms of adjustment, therefore, moving around with them is quite easy. 

    Their sophisticated yet thoughtful design allows for great protection and remarkable air ventilation when riding. The main reason for tapering is to protect your legs at all times no matter what the impact is. This model has a removable internal EVA foam hip protector, therefore the chances of getting away without an injury in case of an impact are much bigger.


    -Includes Ratchet Closure System 

    -Protection at it’s best thanks to the features they have

    -Resistant to wear and tear, therefore they’ll last for a long time


    -Complaints have been made for the sizing

    1. Klim Adventure Rally Air Pant Gray

    Klim Adventure Rally Air pants are the definition of fully ventilated pants. This particular model of dirt bike pants maintains high-end Klim pants features that enable you to ride comfortably without any discomfort nor stress.

    They are made out of reflective mesh materials, SuperFabric slide zones on the knees/sleek and from premium leather the inner knees.

    Weather conditions are not a problem for Klim Adventure Rally Air pants because they maintains a new D3O XERGO line of integrated armor pieces ensuring hot, humid, and cold weather conditions resistance.


    • Ventilation improvement
    • Cut/tear resistance


    • High price to acquire the product

    What you need to consider before choosing the best Dirt Bike Pants?

    Most of the time, choosing the right dirt bike riding gear for you can be confusing because there are so many models out there. When you have a lot of options in the table it is important for you to choose wisely, this means that you have to choose which one suits you the best and which one fulfills all your needs, or at least to have the features you’re looking for. It is also imporant for you to consider the ambient or terrain that ride on.

    If you are a beginner, you’ll face a lot of difficulties because sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking for. However, going to the market will definitely change the perspective of the products you want to buy.

    When you decide to invest in these products you’ll need to become fully aware of the factors that will influence your choice of buying Best Dirt Bike Pants. Besides the factors, considering a good amount of features and specifications will help you make a decision. 

    The comfort you get when you are wearing the pants is very important. Just imagine you’re sitting on the motorcycle riding it and feel like you’re stuck there and you can’t move easily, it will make you feel stressed and cause you fatigues. Imagine being in a race, the only thing that you’ll have to be thinking is to win the race and not worry about your comfortability. 

    Fitting in them is another aspect you should never ignore. If you think that you chose the best dirt bike pants you better take choose the size wisely so you won’t feel like you’re wearing something that blocks your body movements, they must also be equipped with additional features for enhancement.

    The protection of your legs is a must. It’s very important that the pants you choose are equipped with protection features because the safety of your legs is the most necessary thing you consider in every circumstance. 

    Accidents happen often, especially if you are an off-road rider because the terrains are mostly unpredictable. If you ever accidentally fall down and roll over in a long distance and a hard surface, wearing the dirt bike pants will provide you maximum protection.

    Buying pants at a cheap price won’t always give you the same comfort, quality, and durability like wearing premium dirt bike pants, but at least they’ll provide you effectiveness and protection. After all, it’s better wearing dirt bike pants than not wearing them at all.

    In terms of durability, the best pants will be able to stay strong, durable, and resistant in any weather conditions. To make them even more durable there are a lot of features that the manufacturer designed and incorporated. The stretching nature of the material that has been used to manufacture them makes them even more durable as they can withstand pulling or tightening, while on the other hand knee panels also add extra points to the durability. The air circulation and ventilation play a big role in the performance of the dirt bike pants and their comfortability.


    Trying to purchase these products under a limited budget will also limit the product expectations, meaning the lower the price the lower the quality. A limited budget can and will affect your choice.

    When purchasing the best dirt bike pants besides the price tag it is a must for you to also check quality, durability, specification, and try to adapt it to your financial plan. With regard to this, you’ll be stuck conducting market research before finally choosing, but trust me it will be worth the wait. This way, you will finally be able to avoid expensive ones and find the cheap ones that fit you best.

    Protection and comfort

    When it comes to protection and comfort, manufacturers such as Alpine Stars, Fly Racing, Fox Racing have made sure to include a lot of features to make them perfect in providing better safety and protection. One of the best features they added is tapering the legs area so that it gives your legs sufficient covering. Besides, they also added protective rubber elements that your legs are safe no matter in what situation you find yourself in.

    Even though the legs are safe, sometimes accidents are unpredictable making the hips also endangered. The removable internal EVA foam hip protectors are there for you. Besides being protective they can easily be removed or use them whenever you want. Gripping is also important for your ride so in order to give you a better grip they added leather panels on pants making you ride comfortable and ensure you won’t slide or feel restless because of the loose nature of the pants. The lightweight nature of the material used to manufacture the pants gives you a comfortable ride and also allow an easier body movement.


    If you are a dirt bike rider you definitely know that any kind of impact experienced in the course of the race will damage your pants, so they won’t last for long. But even though accidents and crashes are common for Motorcross rides, the companies that manufacture these pants already thought of that. The leather material that has been integrated into the Pants makes them even harder to tear them, which makes them durable and long-lasting in nature.

    The silicone band attached to the Pants is quite helpful in the terms of provision of maximum protection. Their durability potential is also related to the lightweight material used to manufacture them. The ability to move your body easily while wearing them will significantly improve the riding quality.


    Performace is basically what we call functionality aspects. It clearly clarifies how will Dirt Bike Pants change or improve your bike ride, so your ride is much more enjoyable and safe at all times.

    These particular products also have adjustment features which will allow you to customize the tightness of the waist. This will allow you to perfectly fit no matter the size of the user.

    Features like ventilation systems such as Vented TPU Knees will ensure you an excellent airflow circulation. A lot of special features that are integrated into them will be able to reduce your stress and fatigue. Stuff like this will also make you feel less tired while driving or at the end of the ride.

    Bottom Line

    Finally choosing Dirt Bike Pants can be quite hectic. However, if you are fully equipped with important information you’ll finally be ready to make the best decision. While making some market research will change your perspective on how you look at the product, the nature of the product, and price ranges.

    Just so to make it clear, you can also look at the other verified buyer’s reviews in case you are in doubt of which one you should purchase. Overall, our top picks for today are the “Klim Adventure Rally” and the “Alpinestars Men’s Venture R Off-Road Motocross Pant”. We carefully made research about each product, while we even tested the AlpineStars Off-Road Pants, so no matter what you choose, you’re still going to end up with quality pants that will last you for many years to come.