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Best Dirt Bike Trail Riding Backpack in 2022 (Full Buying Guide)

    Best Dirt Bike Trail Riding Backpack

    It can be frustrating finding the right backpack for dirt biking. Some people just want something simple, while some people are out looking for something more sophisticated. If you haven’t done any research, there are not a lot of options for dirt bike backpacks since everyone is always looking for hydration packs.

    Water is not the only thing you take with you when you’re out riding on the trail, right? So, the options can vary greatly in terms of storage, durability, quality, and other features. For example, besides water, I always carry a toolkit with me just in case something happens to my dirt bike. Apart from that, what most people take with is food, and the most essential one, a first aid kit.

    Although, when you calculate all of these things, they tend to add a bulky weight to your backpack. For the most part, not all of these things will fit in a standard hydration pack, which is why you should be more careful when choosing your backpack.

    What I have learned through the years is that quality matters a lot. At some point, I was just hyped getting a backpack that looks fancy and matches with my jersey. Over the years, my dirt biking routines became more serious, so I had to take a couple of extra things with me every time I went on the trails.

    That’s when I realized that my backpack doesn’t really support me much, whether in terms of comfort, storage, or quality. While searching on the internet, I couldn’t find anything really helpful since everyone was after a backpack that can fit a bottle of water.

    I thought it’d be pretty helpful to share my experience in this case with you guys, so after hours of research, I was able to find some really amazing backpacks that can really make a great addition for your dirt bike riding experience. So, let’s get straight into the details to see what these backpacks can offer!

    Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Trail Riding Backpacks in 2022

    5. Osprey Packs Farpoint 40

    Osprey is a popular brand that has been meticulously designing innovative products with intuitive features for decades now, and this backpack is no exception. The Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 is the ideal backpack for a trail riding getaway due to the fact that it is built to meet most sports requirements and needs.

    Design: When it comes to aesthetics, this particular model comes in three different colors from which you can choose from, and all of them look exceptionally good. Personally, I prefer the volcanic grey, which is also the one that we are currently reviewing, but you also get to choose from two other color variants such as jasper red, and caribbean blue.

    The manufacturer has done a great job with providing customers options to meet their preference. That being said, you also get to choose what size you want your backpack to arrive, but if you’re an adult, I’d recommend the Medium/Large. Otherwise, you can choose the Small/Medium variant which also sits comfortably on your back.

    Storage: This is something that you should truly take into serious consideration, because when you plan on going out for a ride, you should also plan what things you’ll be needing in case of an emergency. Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that the Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 features a large internal storage that can fit in almost anything.

    In addition, the backpack includes two internal compression straps that do a great job at keeping your load firmly in place. On the other hand, you can also add some extra clothing on top of that, such as a jersey, a sweater, or a tool kit which is essential to have when dirt biking. In practice, this backpack is designed to handle loads up to 40 pounds, and that’s more than you need to be honest.

    Comfort: It’s important nothing discomforts or makes you lose focus when you’re dirt biking. The guideline is that you should lookout for a backpack that doesn’t do any of that. In that case, this model features a stowaway back panel, front compression straps, and padded handles, all of which will be very helpful in terms of comfort and organizing things.

    Due to the fixed back panel hip belt and harness system, the backpack portraits rather a slimmer profile that makes it more comfortable and better utilized. More on that, the backpack is made of nylon, which is known to be quite durable and comfortable to wear as well.

    Conclusion: The Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 is one of the most premium backpacks out there. People are using it for different sports, but mostly for hiking and travel. It’s basically top-tier with its premium quality and well-thought-out design, so you simply can’t go wrong with it.

    4. Deuter Trans Alpine 30

    The Deuter Trans Alpine 30 was crafted stitch to stitch with quality and innovation in mind. It’s probably the most versatile backpack out there that comes with a set of intuitive features that really make this model stand out from the most on the market. I have seen many dirt bike riders including my friends use this backpack due to the fact that it’s suitable for any weather, and it’s quite spacious and comfortable to wear.

    Design: You can choose this backpack from two different color variants, which might seem like not much, but when you see these two models I doubt that you’ll want another color. The model that we are currently reviewing is the Black/Graphite, but you can also get the Navy/Ocean model which boasts quite an eye-catching design.

    In terms of size, the backpack only comes in one size, but since it’s versatile, it can be adjusted for almost any body size and height. In addition, what I also like about this backpack is that it is made from Ripstop 210 and Macro Lite 210, but all you have to know is that such materials make the backpack very lightweight, but not just that. The backpack is as durable as it gets, while the PU coating makes the backpack water and abrasion-resistant.

    Storage: This backpack was originally designed and crafted to match the needs of cyclists, and you can also read that information on the manufacturer’s webpage. The point is, it is designed in such a unique way that falls perfectly in the category of dirt bike riding backpacks.

    For storage options, the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 features an air pump holder that can fit all your essentials, a reflective holder for a safety light or some other accessory, elastic side pockets, a versatile front pocket for you to place your helmet or jacket, and an accessible zippered stash pocket for smartphones. The main compartment is a large zippered front pocket that features an organizer and internal compartment for valuables.

    Comfort: The Deuter Trans Alpine 30 features advanced ergonomics along with incredible versatility to deliver optimal comfort and performance through anatomically-sound construction. It is designed in such a way that keeps all your essentials close to body yet it still distributes weight equally throughout the back and shoulders. All of that thanks to the padded S-shaped Soft-Edge shoulder straps that don’t chafe as you move.

    Conclusion: If you’re looking for a versatile polyester backpack that will fit anything you throw at it and still “hang” comfortably on your back and shoulders, then the Deuter Trans Alpine would be your answer.

    3. Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

    Here we go with another Osprey backpack, what can I do, you simply can’t ignore the quality that these backpacks posses. What makes this model different from the first one is that the Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack is more lightweight than the other without sacrificing quality or storage. This one is probably the one you’re after since it comes in so many options, so let’s get into the details to see what makes it so special.

    Design: This backpack has satisfied many customers in this aspect, and you’re going to be surprised by the number of color variants that this backpack comes in. We are currently reviewing the amulet purple one, but there’s a total of 10 colors from which you can choose from, and all of them look fantastic.

    These colors include: black, eggplant purple, Granny Smith green, magma orange/red, petrol blue, real red, stone grey, stone grey/sage, and Tahoe blue. Some weirds name choices I know, but the colors aren’t that weird when you see them. However, similar to our last backpack, the Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack does come in as much size choices as it comes in color. Although, that’s not necessarily bad since the backpack is quite versatile, and it can be adjusted to sit comfortably and firmly on your shoulders.

    Storage: This particular model features a large main compartment that you can easily access since it is joined with a large zippered panel. Apart from the main compartment, the backpack also features side mesh pockets in which you can store water bottles and other accessories, while you can store small items on the mesh organized front pocket.

    That’s pretty much it, and as you can see, you get plenty of storage for storing your stuff. Despite being relatively small in size, this backpack can securely fit all of your extra clothing, gear, and accessories.

    Comfort: This is what basically makes this backpack special. Comfort is a strong aspect of the Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack because it’s lightweight, relatively small, and it’s built with materials that are most known for delivering comfort.

    The mesh-covered die-cut foam back panel is as comfortable as it gets, but comfort is not the only thing that it delivers. The mesh die-cut foam also allows for ventilation to occur, which means that it prevents your back from sweating and discomforting you. Due to its small size, this backpack can also be attached to various other backpacks, such as the Aether/Aeriel Series, the VoltViva Series, the Farpoint 80, the Porter Series, etc.

    Conclusion: For those people that are more after brand reputation, this backpack from Osprey is going to fulfill all of their needs. It’s one of the lightest and smallest backpacks on the market yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality nor storage for it.

    2. Venture Pal

    The Venture Pal is one of the most highly-rated backpacks on Amazon while it carries thousands of positive reviews from customers around the world. What you should also know is that it’s very budget-friendly, but that doesn’t necessarily make the backpack low-quality. In fact, the built material is what makes this backpack special, but we’ll get back to that later in this review.

    Design: There’s no chance for this backpack to miss your favorite color, it can’t. The Venture Pal comes in 12 different color variants from which you can choose from, but my favorite one is black which is also the one that I am currently reviewing.

    Other colors include: orange, grey, navy blue, armygreen, red, green, royal blue, fuschia, purple, blue, and purple. Either way, no matter what you choose, all of the colors give a great appearance to the overall design of the backpack.

    You don’t get many choices in terms of size, but the backpack is highly adjustable and you can reach the desired size and fit easily.

    Storage: The Venture Pal features multi compartments which truly keep everything organized and secured. To get into the specifics, this particular model features one main compartment that provides plenty of room for you to store your things. In addition, you also get two separators in the main compartment where you can store other smaller things to keep your stuff organized.

    Furthermore, there are also two front pockets included which serve great for holding small accessories, which is great because you can easily access your most important stuff such as your phone, camera, keys, etc. All of the above-mentioned are great, but you won’t store your water bottle there, because the backpack also includes two side pockets for that.

    Comfort: The Venture Pal didn’t gain all its reputation by accident. This backpack is made of high-quality tear and water-resistant material that not only provides a long-lasting performance, but it also makes the backpack lighter to provide exceptional comfort.

    For more convenience, to relieve the stress from your shoulders, the Venture Pal boasts breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding, while on the other hand, you can adjust the length of the shoulder straps easily. To keep things firm and secure, there’s a chest strap included which can lock your backpack using a whistle buckle.

    Conclusion: The Venture Pal is a one-of-a-kind backpack which despite its budget-friendly price, it comes with plenty of useful features and a high-quality construction that won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

    1. Outlander Lightweight Backpack

    I have saved another affordable backpack for last, the Outlander Lightweight Backpack. If you’re someone like me, then you’re always looking for the best in the less expensive products. The Outlander is the most highly-rated backpack on Amazon, similar to our last product, this one also carries thousands and thousands of positive reviews. The reason people fell in love with it is because it’s full of useful features, and it’s comfortable. Isn’t that something we’re all after?

    Design: The Outlander comes in 16 different color variants in total, so you can easily find the one that matches your dirt bike helmet or body armor colors. The one that we are currently reviewing is the black version, but you can always choose the other color variants.

    Other colors include: dark blue, dark red, dark teal, green, grey, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and some other waterproof models. Different from the last models that I’ve mentioned, the Outlander comes with an advantage. The manufacturer provides you with options to choose your desired size, even though the backpack can be easily adjusted to fit different body sizes.

    Storage: Well, you ask you can tell from the picture, this backpack features a very spacious design, which is great since you can always store more things without even notice carrying them. To be more precise, the Outlander features a classic shape with several pockets for storage and organization. In addition, the main compartment is as roomy as it gets, while you also get two front zipper pockets in which you can store other essential accessories such as your phone, keys, or camera.

    Apart from that, there’s also an internal zippered security pocket included in which you can store your most valuable items, and two standard side pockets where you can store your water bottle.

    Comfort: As I pointed out above, this backpack is water-resistant and quite durable. Although those are not the only two benefits that you get from it, the backpack is also pretty comfortable, which is more important than both. The Outlander is made of nylon fabric, which not only provides strength and durability, but it’s also quite known for its comfort capabilities.

    More on that, stress points are reinforced with bar tacking, which indeed tells that the backpack is equipped with everything you could ever ask for.

    Conclusion: The Outlander is probably the most popular backpack all around the world. It boasts a premium quality built with water-resistant capabilities, and a well-thought-out to design to provide optimum comfort for the user. If you’re looking for something similar yet affordable, the Outlander backpack would be your ideal choice.

    What to look for when choosing your backpack

    Dirt biking requires proper equipment as well as proper gear and accessories, which brings up the case that you should carefully choose your dirt bike backpack if you want to store all your essentials there.

    There are a couple of things to consider, so to give you an idea, I’m going to mention the three most important factors to look for when choosing a backpack.

    Design: Just as you saw in the reviews above, I classify backpacks based on design, storage, and comfort since they’re the most important factors to look out for. Make sure your backpack has a decent size if you can’t choose your own size, something that will, later on, have an effect on the comfort. Check for chest straps, it’s always good to have your backpack strapped for optimum security and comfort.

    Other than that, make sure you check out what materials were used for the making of the backpack. Is it nylon? Is it polyester? That depends entirely on you, but what I’d prefer is polyester.

    Storage: Storage is just as important as the design. In fact, these two mix together in most cases, since the storage is what makes the design. For dirt bike riding, you should consider all the stuff that you have to take with when going out on the trails. For example, what you’ll need is a first aid kit, a tool kit in case your dirt bike needs repairing or anything, an extra jersey or your jacket in case it gets hot, a water bottle, and so on. You don’t need an extra-large backpack, but an extra small one won’t do either.

    Comfort: This is probably the most important factor of all, because you don’t want to be bothered or stressed while riding, that would only make you lose focus. A decent backpack will keep you comfortable even when you’re carrying heavy stuff. If the backpack has a ventilation system on the back, which is most commonly represented with die-cut foam, that means that your back won’t sweat at all.

    Final Verdict

    The market is pretty huge nowadays, which is why I understand that it can be tough to choose a product when there are so many other options out there. Although with proper research, you can always find one that will serve you well.

    All of the above-mentioned products were carefully chosen based on durability, storage, design, comfort, and budget. I hope this article gives you an idea of what backpacks are good for dirt bike trail riding, what works, and what doesn’t.

    I only recommend things that I’d feel comfortable using, and as we got all that information out of the way, by now I think that you have all the facts that you need to come up to a decision.