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Best LED Light Bars for a Dirt Bike (Top 5 Picks for 2022)

    Best LED Light Bars for a Dirt Bike

    The urge to continue dirt biking when the sun sets it’s unexplainable, and it’s something we all don’t like. Well, I do enjoy the views, but if you want to continue dirt biking even after dark, you’ll going to need good lighting.

    LED lighting is not the only option out there, but it is the best lighting available and it doesn’t even cost much. I would say that there are some key elements you’ll want to consider before buying an LED light bar, but I guess you already know that length, wattage, and lumens are pretty important.

    Some of these LED light bars can be pretty hefty, but they do make you enjoy your ride every time. As a dirt bike rider, I only recommend gear and accessories that I would be comfortable using.

    So, for this article, I have chosen the top 5 best-LED light bars on the market based on their length, wattage, lumens, as well as durability and price. You’re going to be surprised seeing where LED lighting has come today, at least I was.

    To be sincere, I haven’t used all of the products listed down below, I only own two. However, I have seen them perform on my friends dirt bike’s. Tested them and got information on them about how they work after all that time, are they functional enough, and how far can they stretch their lighting.

    Pretty obvious information to be honest, but that’s all you really need to know when buying an LED light bar for your dirt bike.

    Moreover, let’s get down to the reviews and see what these LED light bars are capable of, whereas if you like some of the products, I will leave the Amazon links just so you can check out their current prices.

    Top 5 Best LED Light Bars for a Dirt Bike in 2022

    5. Baja Designs 45-1003 OnX6 10 inch LED Light Bar

    Unlike the other LED Light Bars included in this article, Baja Designs OnX6 is the most premium one that packs powerful performance and really great quality.

    As I mentioned in the beginning, the most important things to check out when buying an LED Lightbar are length, wattage, and lumen.

    Therefore, I didn’t want to make this a long review because no one likes that, so let’s cut straight to the chase.


    Just as the name suggests, the Baja Designs OnX6 is a 10-inch LED Light Bar that provides exceptional lighting as it is normal with Cree LED lights, and it’s quite powerful as well.


    This particular model is powered by 63-watts. Most regular LED Lightbars today come with only 30-watts, which is half the amount, but that’s not the case with the Baja.

    This amount of wattage will ensure that you’re long night riding is paid fully with exceptional lighting.


    This is what makes this LED Light Bar stand out from the other models on the market due to the fact that the Baja OnX6 comes with a whopping 7,350 lumens. That being said, this LED light bar has a light that is practically 50% brighter than the original light.

    That’s really good news because you’ll be safe at all times. No bumps or ditches will surprise you in any way since this model clears the path with white light.


    Overall, this LED light bar is also great due to the fact that it includes replaceable lenses and optics. But not just that, there’s also moisture block available which means that if it rains, the light will remain strong nonetheless.

    4. Nilight 12-inch 72W LED Light Bar

    The Nilight 12-inch is probably the most highly-rated lightbar on Amazon, and there’s a great reason behind it.

    It’s not only compatible for dirt bikes, but it’s also mountable on a great selection of other vehicles.

    What that means is that not only you can use this light bar on your dirt bike, but after some time, you can also choose to mount it on your Jeep or something similar.


    The length of this light bar is relatively bigger than the other models that are included in this list. To be more specific, the Nilight 12-inch 72W is a 12-inches light bar, and that pretty much enables the light bar to deliver optimum performance.


    Similar to the first model that I mentioned, the Nilight is also quite powerful boasting 72 watts. Well, quite powerful might be exaggerating since the light bar is 12-inches in length which means that it needs more power to light up the trail for you.


    When it comes to lumens, this is also where the Nilight performs exceptionally. To be exact, it features 4790 lumens, and that’s a lot unless you’re trying to blind people while you’re dirt biking.


    As you might know, Nilight is a well-known and respected brand in the lighting industry, which is also why I chose this light bar. It’s decent, feature-rich, and it’s quite durable which pretty much checks all the boxes of how an LED light bar should be like.

    Before I end, there’s this other feature I’d like to mention. The Nilight has aluminum alloy heat sinks which make sure to keep the heat low. Therefore, no matter how long you’ll use it, even after hours and hours of riding, the light bar will still be pretty cool.

    3. Rigidhorse 6000LM Flood Spot Combo Light Bars

    This is an LED light bar manufactured by Rigidhorse and it’s probably the most budget-friendly one on the market that doesn’t sacrifice performance at all.

    The Rigidhourse 6000LM is specifically made for off-road, and for the most part, this light bargained its reputation due to the fact that it performs remarkably even in foggy conditions.

    You can mount it on your Jeep, Truck, SUV, boats, dirt bike, and other vehicles as well.


    Compared in length, this particular model is relatively smaller than the other models that I’ve mentioned. To be more precise, it is 7-inches and it’s actually my preferred size for light bars. It can be mounted easier and it can be mounted in more vehicles due to its size.


    The fact that this light bar features 7-inches in length means it has more power to circulate throughout the body. The Rigidhorse 6000LM is equipped with 24.3 watts which rounds up to 72W in total with a 6,000K color temperature.

    Thus, you’ll be provided with an extended field of vision and a better riding experience.

    High Performance:

    This LED light bar is able to withstand many harsh environments due to the fact that it features a die-cast aluminum housing. Therefore, it provides decent strength and durability.

    Apart from that, the 6-inch single row led pods have a 50,000-hour life span, and the best part is that they’re IP67 rated. IP67 certified means that waterproof, dust-proof, quake-proof, and anti-corrosion.


    Moreover, you’re going to like everything that this light bar has to offer. It’s decent, and it deliver the most value out of all the other models that I have mentioned.

    2. 6000K Xenon White CREE LED 18W

    The 6000K Xenon White CREE LED is a product manufactured and sold by ANZIO. Anzio is relatively new to the market, however, it has done a great job at providing drivers and riders with quality LED light bars within a reasonably priced package.

    What makes this light bar an ideal choice for you is that you can choose in getting it as a one-piece, two-pieces, and 4-pieces. So, you either choose to get only one light bar, or multiple light bars.

    You can choose depending on what your requirements are, but when it comes to dirt biking, you won’t really need more than two, and even two can be a lot because you only need a front light to be honest.


    Similar to the last product that I mentioned, the Anzio 6000K Xenon Cree LED light bar features 7-inches in length, and to be honest, it’s enough when you consider its wattage. This size is more preferable for dirt bike mounting, and you won’t really need a bigger light bar, unless you want to blind some people.


    This 7-inches light bar boasts 18W, and it rounds up to 10V-30V if you order it as a set of two. That amount of wattage is all you need to light up the trail ahead of you when riding, and due to its small size, the lighting will remain strong and stable for a long time.


    This LED light bar is made of the highest quality materials and it does a great job at providing maximum visibility and safety. It features the latest ultra-slim CREE design with IP65 waterproof rating, so you won’t really have nothing to worry about whether you’re riding in foggy environments or rainy weather conditions.


    The Anzio 7-inch Off-Road 6000K Xenon is a strong and durable light bar that comes with easy mounting and it can fit in various vehicles including boats. Pretty much, it brings along everything that you could ever ask in a dirt bike LED light bar.

    1. Swatow Industries 2PCS 96W Slim

    This light bar is quite a powerful one indeed, but don’t get confused, it is pretty affordable despite its quality and performance.

    It is manufactured by Swatow Industries, a company which is also relatively new to the market, and I didn’t really know this company before until I found this light bar.

    This LED light bar comes with plenty of interesting features which means there’s a lot to talk about it, but I’m going to cover only the most important details.


    If you haven’t noticed already, I like short lengthed LED light bars more than I like those 10 or 12-inch ones.

    So, I’m really happy that the Swatow Industries Slim Dual light bar features only 6-inches in length. It’s pretty decent and if you’re not really happy with such specs, let me make it clear that you don’t need more than that, and besides, you can mount it easier.


    Just as you can imagine, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean weaker. This LED light bar carries plenty of power within. To be more precise, this Swatow Industries Lightbar is 12-volts, which when converted to watts, it means 90-watts which is more than you really need.

    Most LED light bars have only 40-watts, and that’s pretty standard. But surprisingly well, this 6-inch LED light bar delivers more than expected.

    Heat Management System:

    The most common issue with LED light bars that they get overheated. This is pretty much what makes this LED light bar stand onto the spotlight, since it features a heat management system.

    The oversized heat sink makes a good job with cooling principles. Thus, it allows pressure equalization when rapid heat up and cool down cycles occur, to maximize heat dissipation while keeping the Slim led light bar running cooler and brighter.


    Moreover, this seamlessly designed LED light bar is also IP68 certified, which means it has a waterproof rating. But that’s not all, it features a hard coat lacquered lens and anodized powder coated housing that extends the lifespan of the light to 50,000 hours.

    More on that, the Swator Industries light bar is also resistant to rain, dirt, snow, and ice, so there’s basically nothing bad that you find, you simply can’t go wrong with it.

    What are LED Light Bars for?

    LED Light Bars can be used in many situations, but more frequently, people use them for outdoors and offroad sports. That being said, in dirt biking, people mount these LED Light Bars on the front part of their dirt bikes for lighting purposes. If you buy a set of two that is even better, you can even mount one on the back and benefit greatly from perfect lighting when the sunsets.

    LED Light Bars are not the only solution out there for lighting during the night, but they’re the best option available on the market so far. Most of these products tend to come at pretty expensive prices, but I wouldn’t really recommend going after such products.

    An LED Light Bar is supposed to serve you well if the dark catches you, and it’s something that you won’t be using all the time but only on several occasions. Although, if you’re someone who enjoys dirt bike riding during the night, then maybe you should go for a more expensive one, because obviously, the most premium products are packed with the most premium features within.

    That includes lighting length, wattage, lumens, and a couple of other useful features. Nonetheless, an LED Light Bar serves its purpose one way or another, so hopefully you find the one that meets your requirements the most.

    What sizes do light bars come in?

    LED Light Bars come in various sizes, starting from 3-inch or below to almost 40-inches. However, the problem with the sizing is that not all sizes are suitable for dirt bikes. In fact, most sizes will not be able to mount properly on your dirt bike.

    Therefore, the preferable size of LED Light Bars for dirt bikes is 7 to up to 12-inches. Less than that will probably not satisfy you, whereas more than that will probably not be suitable for mount to your dirt bike.

    What is Cree light?

    The reason I am answering this question is because I have seen many people confuse Cree for something else. Cree is a known word in the lighting industry, but there’s a totally different reason behind it.

    In fact, Cree is one of the most popular companies of lighting-class LEDs. That includes LED lighting, and other semiconductor products for power and radio frequency applicants.

    To explain the quality of their crafting, most of the above-mentioned products are made of CREE lighting.

    Final Verdict

    Don’t let anyone fool you by making you believe that an LED Light Bar is necessary for dirt biking during the night. There are tons of other methods available to set up lighting, but LED Light Bars are probably the most ideal choice on the market today.

    The LED Light Bars that are mentioned above are not the most premium ones on the market, however, I am pretty convinced that you don’t really need a premium LED Light Bar. It will cost you a lot of money for something that you won’t practice often.

    If you are someone who enjoys dirt biking during the night, it’s totally fine you can choose an expensive LED Light Bar that probably includes some extra features and options. On the other hand, if you’re someone who just wants to have everything set up when going out on the trails, all of the above-mentioned products would be ideal.

    I’m saying that because they’re all budget-friendly without sacrificing performance or quality for it. You’ll benefit from powerful lighting with plenty of wattage and lumens.

    I hope you found this article to be helpful, and as we got all that information out of the way, I think that by now, you pretty much know what works for you and what doesn’t.

    Either way, if you’re interested in how to hook up a LED light to a dirt bike, you can click here and read the rest of the article.