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Best Training Wheels for Dirt Bikes (2022 Buying Guide)

    Dirt biking with training wheels has been the best innovation so far in this sport, hobby, or lifestyle as you might call it. If you’re someone who is just starting out, then dirt bike training wheels are going to help you keep balance, and for first-timers, that’s pretty much all they need.

    Most of the time, training wheels are used for young people, for example, if you want to take your kids and train them dirt biking from early on, then you should really consider training wheels, they’re going to help you get through the learning and starting phase pretty easy and quickly.

    For some of you, this may sound weird, however, just like regular bikes, dirt bikes work great with training wheels as well, and maybe you haven’t seen this before, but the process of first starting with training wheels is quite straightforward actually.

    However, there are a couple of things you need to consider before buying training wheels, for example, you’ll have to check out if the wheels you’re purchasing fit your bike, but nonetheless, you can always check out some universal models, which in this case I’ve included the Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels, they are the best generic training wheels that you can find, and you won’t have to worry if they fit or not since they can fit a wide range of dirt bikes.

    Anyhow, now let’s go over some different kinds of training wheels that you can use, while along the way, in the end, you’ll also find some informational articles which may help you in some situations.

    Top 4 Best Training Wheels for Dirt Bikes in 2022

    4. Apollo New Youth Fully Automatic DB25-70cc Dirt Bike w/Training Wheels


    This right here is a dirt bike that comes along with training wheels, and since they come attached to the bike, we can pretty much conclude that these are the most eligible and reliable training wheels that you can find.
    This is even better, if you haven’t really found a bike, you can order these wheels along with the bike as they come attached, while the bike itself is a 70cc dirt bike with a four-stroke engine.

    But the real question is, what’s the max speed of this dirt bike? Well, it’s decent and sufficient enough, this dirt bike can go 34-miles an hour, while for the most part, I like it because it has an electric start.
    Before you start judging, 34-miles an hour is actually enough, and it’s the best rating you can get in a bike with training wheels attached because your main goal is to learn how to balance and control this thing, not race with it.

    It’s important to note that if you end up going 34-miles an hour, then you’re ready and won’t really need those training wheels anymore.

    In terms of the design, the type of wheels that come attached with this dirt bike is similar to those of a scooter, however, they are somewhat bigger in size. When it comes to durability, you won’t really have to worry about popping them, but you should also know that you won’t get the same kind of shock absorption you get from having tires, and that’s another option for training wheels.

    Kids will love these training wheels, while for the most part, it’s great because you can rely on them since they originally designed to go on the bike.

    3. Adjustable Motorcycle Training Wheels for Honda CRF 50, XR 50 and Z 50 ONLY


    Our first option was for those that didn’t own a dirt bike yet, and an option that included the dirt bike along with the training wheels within one package.

    For our second option, we have training wheels that come without a bike, and you’re going to like them. Right off the bat, these training wheels come along with the pieces that you need to attach them to the bike, and that’s great because you won’t have to shop for additional items.

    Although there’s a downside, these training wheels are specifically made only for Honda CRF 50, the Honda XR 50, and the Honda Z 50, so if you find yourself somewhere within this range of bikes, then you’re good to go.

    So in other terms, you can only fit them in those models, but there’s also something else to mention. These are more like tires than wheels since they mount to the frame of the bike, not the engine, but that’s great because it prevents damage when the wheels or axel inevitably collide with unpredicted things.

    What you’re also going to like is that the wheels come with off-road tread, so if you’re feeling like you’ve learned how to ride your dirt bike, you can take it off-road for a test and see your progress.

    Moreover, when it comes to durability, these types of wheels are pretty tough, hence, they won’t rust or chip because they feature a steel coating while on the other hand, the axel comes with a warranty.

    To install these wheels, there’s an instruction manual included in the package which will guide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to do everything properly, and take note, if you don’t install the tires properly, you may cause damage or even risk falling when riding the bike.

    2. Adjustable Height Yamaha TTR50 TTR 50 Kids Youth Training Wheels ONLY


    As you can tell by the name, these are adjustable training wheels, and if you’re asking yourself why is that important, or what’s the point of having adjustable training wheels, I’m going to show you now.

    First and foremost, ask yourself, what’s the point of training wheels? Well, to help you get through the learning phase and to actually start riding a dirt bike. In that case, adjustable training wheels are going to make your learning process a lot more easier since they allow for the rider to adjust the height of the wheels up to five inches off the ground.

    What does that really mean? You can move the tires slowly up as you learn to ride your bike, and that’s with the main purpose of seeing for yourself the progress that you’ve made, so the higher you move the tires each week or month, that’s the amount of support you really need to start riding your dirt bike completely on your own.

    But don’t get this wrong, moving your wheels up doesn’t mean that you’re taking them off, they will still be there, and they’ll still prevent you from falling and catch the bike if it starts to tip too far over, but nonetheless, having the ability to adjust the height of them is a great way to get used to the balance of a dirt bike.

    Although it’s important to note that these bikes are only suitable for all years of the Yamaha TTR50 model. All and all, they’re actually 10-inch tires, and as our previous tires that we mentioned, these ones also don’t mount onto the engine, which is good because you can prevent damaging your engine in case of a collision with something unpredicted.

    To conclude, if you own a Yamaha TTR50 model no matter what year, these are the best training wheels that you’re going to get for your bike.

    1. Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel


    Well, not everyone likes the idea of getting training wheels already attached to the bike, and not everyone has the time to search for training wheels that were specifically made for their model, so you must like the idea of getting universal training wheels which will fit a wide range of dirt bikes.

    So to break it short, these training wheels are universal ones, and they are made in the USA. The Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel are sort of universal across all 50cc dirt bikes, and I assume every beginner uses a 50cc dirt bike, am I right?

    To get into the details, this particular model of training wheels feature 8-inch tires, which is great because it’s just the right size for an adequate clearance and shock absorption experience to the rider. In other terms, if you encounter any side bumps, these training wheels will still be good to go.

    In addition, what I also like about these training wheels is the fact that you can adjust them, thus, you can compensate or allow for the skill level and also the different kinds of terrains that the rider will come across, pretty fascinating right?

    So far, from all the other training wheels that I’ve mentioned, these are the most expensive ones, and the reason is pretty simple actually, they are universal and that’s fine by me. That being said, if you happen to change your 50cc bike, you can still mount these training wheels.

    Nonetheless, according to my research and from what I’ve gathered, these training wheels will also fit a number of other different bikes with different engines due to their adjustability and versatility.

    Overall, if you’re having a hard time finding specific training wheels for your dirt bike, the Hardline Products Wheels will probably do the job since they are universal for all 50cc bikes, and a number of other dirt bikes with different engines. I highly recommend you take these training wheels into serious consideration, they’re a bit expensive but they are more eligible and efficient that all the other models that I’ve mentioned.

    When to use dirt bike training wheels?

    Think of it like this, when you first started riding a regular bike, did you start riding it right away without practice or someone holding your arm, or did your parents put training wheels on them? Well, same goes with dirt bikes, training wheels for dirt bikes are almost mandatory, it helps you with balance and teaches you how to maintain it properly, and younger kids are most likely going to need training wheels when they first start riding a dirt bike.

    Even though a younger kid has already learned riding a regular bike, with dirt bikes, there’s a whole different story. You don’t have the same pedals available that help you focus on balancing, and the absence of these pedals can be troublesome for you at first.

    Another example is when you have problems balancing initially and trying to focus on the mechanics of getting the bike to stop and go. As it is standard, most children’s bikes are automatic, and that leaves so little focus which has to go somewhere else, but on the other hand, everything has to be learned properly, and there’s a trick to learning everything.

    If you think of it, if a person wishes to ride a dirt bike, he already knows how to ride a regular bike, and ideally, the first thought that goes through their minds is, “it’s just like riding a bike” when it really isn’t. Skilled and professional dirt bike riders spend years on learning the curve to a new trick or something, and that’s the same with you, learning how to ride a dirt bike needs proper equipment.

    When to take the training wheels off

    Having a dirt bike that has training wheels attached to it is something else, but going too fast with such a bike can cause damage to your engine, but that also shows something else.

    Ideally, training wheel are there to help you get through the learning phase and help you with your balance, so if you can already go that fast, then you don’t really need training wheels on your bike, and that’s a first sign that tells you to take them off.

    Nonetheless, if you keep the training wheels attached and you continue riding your dirt bike fast, as I pointed out above, you’re just going to be putting additional strain and stress on all the parts of your dirt bike, which will later make the bike wear down.

    In case you’ve gotten yourself height adjustable training wheels, you can slowly lift them up everytime you feel like you’ve made progress with your balance, but either way, you should still take them off.

    It’s important to mention that once you take the training wheels off, you might notice scratches, scrapes or bruises, especially in cases where they’ve been on for more than 6 months.

    Advantages & Disadvantages / Training Wheels


    Accessibility! If a person wasn’t able to ride a dirt bike before, then training wheels will make it rideable.

    Safe and sound! You won’t have to worry about falling from a dirt bike, even if your kid is ridding it. Training wheels are specifically designed to prevent such things from happening, and even if your kid falls from the bike, the bike won’t fall on him.


    Damage. Just as I mentioned above, going too fast with training wheels attached to your bike can damage the engine and the bike frame seriously. That being said, the damage can depend on the impact on your wheels, and where the wheels are actually located to, because as you may know some are attached to the engine, and that’s really good.

    Balance. Before you judge, I know I mentioned that training wheels help you with balancing, but on the other hand, I also mentioned that training wheels also have a balance of their own, and that needs getting used to. The chances of you having to get used to training wheels are more if you have already adjusted them to not be constantly on the ground, that means that if they don’t touch the ground, they add an additional weight to the dirt bike which requires you to hold the balance of more parts.

    Price. You can pretty much tell by the products that I’ve listed above, training wheels tend to come to relatively high-prices.

    Final Verdict

    In the end, the decision is yours. I think that by now you have enough facts to support your decision, on whether your kid needs training wheels for their first ride on a dirt bike, or not.

    I pretty much covered everything there is to know about training wheels, which are more eligible and which ones are better, and as we mentioned above, my top pick for this article is the “Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel“, and I think I made this clear right at the start of this article.

    Ideally, people who search for training wheels for dirt bikes don’t want to buy wheels actually attached to a dirt bike, nonetheless, I saw it reasonable to list an option like that for people that don’t own a dirt bike but tend to make it as a gift to their loved ones, or something similar.

    Finally, if you didn’t really like the idea of using training wheels just because they cost much, there are other ways and alternatives for them, and you can find plenty of videos on the internet on how to make training wheels at home.