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Dirt Bike Gift Ideas in 2022 (10 Things Every Rider Wants)

    dirt bike gift ideas

    Most people will straight think of a helmet, dirt bike boots, or maybe goggles for dirt bike riders when it comes to making a gift to a close one that is a dirt bike enthusiast. However, those kinds of gifts are not as good as you think, because we riders like to choose our gear. If you were to ask the rider of what gear he/she would want, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise gift. So, if you don’t want to take any risks with the personal choices that the rider might have, there are other useful stuff that a dirt bike rider would like to have, and lucky for you, this article contains a list of such things.

    Even though these gifts might seem sort of out of the ordinary to you, trust me they are things that every rider needs and loves. Either way, if you still want to stick to the idea of getting a pair of boots, a helmet, or some other gear, you can check out our Riding Gear category. One of the most important things to consider when buying a gift for someone is how much are you willing to spend. Therefore, in this list, all the products are ranged from least expensive on the top to relatively higher priced at the bottom.

    Thus, while scrolling down and seeing a couple of options hopefully at the end you know exactly what you’re looking for, and exactly what the rider might be more into. One last thing, all the links that redirect you to the product are from Amazon which means that you will be receiving the gifts in a matter of days, so make sure you’re on time for this when ordering or else you might receive the gift a bit later. Now, let’s jump into some of the ideas that I have for you to see what makes them be so special to dirt bike riders.

    Dirt bike gift ideas

    1. Books or a magazine subscription

    Books might seem outdated to some people, but most riders actually enjoy reading valuable information about their beloved sport. If you are looking for the most inexpensive option, a Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription for 12-months would be ideal. Also, inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean “not a good gift”, a magazine subscription will cover the recipient until their next birthday, so it’s a gift that they’ll enjoy for the entire year.

    If you want to get them a book, what I’d recommend is the “How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles“. It’s the perfect book that shares knowledge about the key skills and tips on advanced training sessions for off-road riding and trail riding. This book would be a great option especially if the recipient is a beginner, it will help the rider learn more about riding aspects from basics to advanced.

    2. A fuel bottle

    The chances are that the rider already owns a fuel bottle if he rides a lot, but if he/she doesn’t, buying them a fuel bottle will take a lot of stress out of their heads. A fuel bottle is the perfect addition for riders to carry extra fuel with them in a safe way when riding. It is essential that every rider should have, so try inspecting the situation and find out whether the rider owns a fuel bottle or not. Either way, the one that I’d recommend to you is the MSR Liquid Fuel Bottle which is an inexpensive yet highly valuable product that is made of aluminum, thus, it prevents leaks and minimizes fuel degradation.

    3. A visa gift card

    If you’re not sure whether you want to buy the recipient something or let them buy something for themselves, a visa gift card would be the ideal choice. This is the perfect solution if the rider needs dirt bike gear but you don’t know what their personal preference about it is the size, weight or height. With this amount of money, he can even buy metric or standard tools, so overall, it’s the gift everyone would want because they can choose what to get.

    4. A gear bag

    Dirt bike riding is a sport that requires the rider to carry a lot of stuff with them when going out on the trails. For instance, the rider has to carry extra fuel, protective gear, water bottles, some homemade food, and other small accessories that might be useful to them such as a tool kit, a first aid kit, and so on. We riders find it very hard to find a backpack or a bag that can fit all of them without discomforting us while riding. For that, the Factory FMX Motocross gear bag is the perfect choice to go with, so try taking it into serious consideration if you’ve noticed the gift recipient struggling in such cases.

    5. A smartwatch

    This is an item that helps every rider due to its capabilities to make riding easier. For example, the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS smartwatch would be a great choice because it features topo maps with satellite network capability that helps and improves tracking in some remote trail locations where most riders go. Apart from that, this small accessory is also able to play music, so why not?

    dirt bike gifts

    6. A helmet cam

    Before I could afford a helmet cam, at the beginning of the month, I would always plan how to save money during the month so in the end I could buy myself a helmet cam to record my adventures. You might as well even noticed if he/she likes helmet cams just by talking. Are they the kind of person that always tell how their trail riding was? Are they the kind of person to always show the slightest details of how their riding went? If so, buy them a helmet cam because they’re asking for one indirectly. What I’d recommend is the GoPro Hero 7 Black. There are dozens of other options available of course, but this particular model is the one everyone would like. It is probably the most feature-rich action camera on the market that also comes at a fair and reasonable price.

    7. A pressure washer

    If you are very close to the person that you’re buying the gift for, you might have heard them bragging about how hard and frustrating it is to wash a dirt bike. Well, make that process easier for them by buying a pressure washer. Pressure washers are the most eligible tool for cleaning dirt bikes, and the model that I’d recommend to you is the Sun Joe SPX3000 since it checks all the boxes of how a powerful pressure washer should be like without sacrificing your budget. The Sun Joe SPX3000 is an Amazon’s Choice product with more than 9 thousand ratings, which means that you won’t have to worry about whether you’re getting a good model or not.

    8. Motorcycle lift stand

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to swing a dirt bike onto a stand? Well, dirt bikes are pretty heavy, and the traditional stands that most people have require you to carry the dirt bike onto the stand with force and plenty of effort. If you want to make that easier to the rider, I would recommend the BikeMaster Easy-Lift Stand because it simply makes everything easier and safer. It allows easy and controlled lifting of the motorcycle with a fully adjustable deck height that allows a perfect fit for almost every dirt bike.

    9. A portable grill

    You know what we want more when we’re all covered in sweat and tired from the ride? A delicious burger! This gift might seem like an out of the norm one for dirt bike riders, but trust me the recipient will truly like it because it’s so useful, joyful and fun having a portable grill with a decent size that folds. Yes, it folds so it will not be a burden when riding around since it will fit perfectly without adding too much additional weight or taking much space. The Coleman Propane grill is the perfect example of that because it is pretty lightweight and it boasts a collapsible design that makes it easy to transport.

    10. A prefabricated garage

    Yes, they do exist and you can also purchase such them on Amazon. Making such a gift will leave the recipient with their jaw falling to their feet. It’s a gift everyone would like because you can store your dirt bike, you can even make it a workplace for repairs and for storing stuff that are only related to dirt bikes. The option that I’d recommend is the Duramax metal garage, and again why not? This is the most expensive gift yet the most valuable one, so if you’re willing to do something truly unpredicted, this is the ideal choice to go with.

    Bottom Line

    Getting them a pair of dirt bike boots, a helmet, or even a jersey is something they would expect, but the chances of them not liking the model that you got them are high. Therefore, I compiled this list with things, accessories and stuff that are actually very useful to dirt bike riders, things that will last them for many years to come. Well, let’s hope you come up to a decision and hopefully get them something that would actually surprise them, good luck!