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Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers in 2022 (Review & Full Buying Guide)

    Motorcycle hitch carrier

    Almost everyone in their life at some point has bought a dirt bike, a scooter, or a normal classic motorcycle, but something happened and at some point, in time you had no option but to transport it somewhere. Perhaps you had an accident and you’re taking it at the mechanic so it can be fixed, maybe you wanted it on a family road trip. 

    The motorcycle technology has been trying to keep up with the users so they were able to carry their bikes wherever they needed it.There will be no need for calling expensive towing companies anymore.Sometimes even the other transporting methods are not safe enough for your bike, you don’t want to see your bike shifting around your truck because if that happens it will damage not only the bike but also the truck or whatever vehicle you are using. 

    I came up with the solution for you which I think the best for you is the hitch carrier. These devices are designed to allow you to haul your bike in your car or whatever vehicle you are using. These things don’t rely on towing which makes them much easier and also much faster to put your bike into position. The bike is designed to be mounted in front or back of your car and carries it as safely as possible. These carriers are around for a quite time now and I can tell it is the best thing for the motorcycle enthusiasts or adventurer. 

    So with that being said sometimes you will be carrying your motorcycle with you and all you will want is the safety of that prized motorcycle, so you’ll need to choose wisely because if the hitch carrier you’re choosing does not meet the standards that may be a greater risk for your bike or yourself for an injury.

    Moreover, we came up with a list of motorcycle hitch carriers that may be helpful for you, so you can make your decision and find out which one suits you best. I promise you if you are an enthusiastic motorcyclist you won’t regret reading this article which guides you to invest in a good product. 

    Down there you can find the best motorcycle hitch carriers that I think were more reasonable to show you, models, that include the best features and don’t come up with an expensive price range. The top brands for this particular product are companies like MOTOTE which was found in 1996, VERSAHAUL which manufactures American made products use for hauling motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, GoPlus, Black Widow, Titan Ramps, Trackside, etc.

    Top 8 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers in 2022

    1. VersaHaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier With Ramp

    Capable of carrying up to 500 pounds this VersaHaul device features a big long ramp so the loading becomes easier and also four Eyelet tie-down bars so you can get a better secure place for your vehicle.

    The size of the ramp equals 71.5″ x 30″ x 5″, made from heavy-duty steel construction with a black paint finish and it weighs around 15.8 ounces.
    It can be loaded from both sides of the vehicle.

    Each one contains a wheel stop to secure your bike and also two reflectors to ensure that the others will see you during night time use.
    It is suitable for any Class III or IV hitch.

    2. Versa Haul VH-55DM Double Motorcycle Carrier 

    It is easy transporting a motorcycle or a bike, but what when it comes to two bikes?

    Well, the best solution for this is the Versa Haul Double Motorcycle Carrier product designed for carrying 1 or 2 dirt bikes using a vehicle hitch receiver manufactured with duty-steel construction with a black paint finish.
    Capable of holding on up to 600lbs, a size that equals 71.5 x 36 x 8 inches and weighs around 118lbs. This product also comes with two-wheel stops and two reflectors in case of night time use.
    All of this is holding on the 36-inch main tube.
    It does not come with the ramp.

    • Fits in class III or IV
    • Long-lasting corrosion resistant powder coat finish
    • You can easily store away
    • Reversible Rails
    • Handles bikes with wide tires.

    3. MOTOTOTE Sport Bike Motorcycle Carrier Hitch Rack 

    When it comes to the motorcycle carrier world MotoTote is the newest name that got in the game and when it comes to design and manufacturing techniques there is nobody that comes near them. One of the best features of this product is the installation process. It is very easy and straight-forward because it only comes with a few parts. If you’re able to master the mounting process it will probably take you less than 30 minutes to install it.

    MotoTote is so well-designed, its safety features guarantee you that the bike itself will stay safe and secured while you’re driving. It includes the MotoTote Zero Wobble hitch bolt which reduces wobbles as much as possible and without the messy anti-rattle brackets.
    There are no sharp edges to scratch or gouge fairings.
    It comes with 60x 12x 9inches dimensions, weighs around 66lbs, and constructed from powder-coated steel.

    -Visible in the dark
    -It perfectly suits class III or IV hitch
    -Solid and sturdy loading ramp

    4. Goplus 600 LBS Motorcycle Carrier Dirt Bike Rack

    When it comes to the toughness and strength this steel made carrier is one the best and maybe the best of the list for motorcycle carriers. Because it is made of steel, it is also impermeable, so you don’t need to worry about the rack rusting when it rains. It can be used to carry some heavy motorcycles because it can easily carry up to 600lbs. Mounting this product on your vehicle is very easy, the carrier comes with an adjustable wheel stop which keeps your motorcycle safe and stable on the move, it can provide safeness while you’re riding in rough terrain and it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re traveling 50 or 400 miles, but it is not good to exceed the speed above 55 MPH while the carrier is attached on the vehicle.
    This carrier’s dimensions are 79 x 31 x 13 inches and it weighs about 91 lbs.

    -Solid steel design
    -Made easy for usage by quick releasing ramps
    -The most secure when it comes to wobbles

    5. Black Widow MCC-500 Steel Motorcycle Carrier

    If you are a first-time motorcycle carrier user this may be the best choice for you. Although this model is best for a first time user, it is only for carrying lightweight scooters or dirt bikes. It is made from solid powder-coated steel which makes it better corrosion resistant.

    Black Widow MCC 500 model has is capable of carrying a limit of 500lbs weight and that means no large sportbikes allowed on it, but for dirt bikes and scooters, this one will provide a very safe ride stopping them from shifting around. This particular model contains an anti-rattle device and some tie-down spots. Sometimes the ramp of the product may be difficult to properly store on the carrier, however, this Black Widows model is a great deal for first-time buyers.

    -Solid Steel 
    -Anti-rattle device
    -Carrying capacity of 500lbs
    -Suits Class III or IV
    -A very lightweight product

    6. Versa Haul VH-Sport Bike Carrier

    Model VH-Sportro Motorcycle Carrier by VersaHaul is a good choice for transporting your scooter, off-road dirt bike, or motorcycle. To make the loading easier it comes out with a ramp. Before you use it, be sure that the vehicle that you use for transporting has the capability of carrying it because this one can carry up to 600lbs. It can be mounted in class III and IV hitch. Includes an anti-tilt lock bracket, four retractable tie-down bars, two reflectors, and a 24″ main tube.

    – Suits in class III and IV hitch
    – Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated
    – Can carry 600 lbs
    – It weighs around 111lbs.

    7. TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound 

    Proven to be the most reliable solution for hauling scooters, motocross bikes, and off-road dirt bikes.

    Designed to be strong and durable this model is made out of 100% heavy-duty steel, it is extremely portable and it also comes with a loading ramp for transporting your bike.

    This particular model can carry around 500lbs. It is important to tell you that this product, unlike the others, weighs a bit under 50lbs, making this carrier less dense and not made for long-distance transporting. With all of this being said you should use it only on short trips which will avoid overexerting the metal material and make the carrier last more.

    -Weights around 50 lbs
    -Suits best on class II, III and IV trailer hitches
    -Easy to load your bike
    -Heavy-duty steel, powder-coated
    -Carrying capacity 500lbs

    8. Anti-Tilt Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Carrier Rack 

    Best Choice carrier is a steel made motorcycle carrier that includes an anti-tilt locking device, which prevents the bike from wobbling while you’re moving. The carrier includes a very handy loading ramp the gives your bike the opportunity to be rolled onto the carrier on both sides. 

    It can carry up to 500 lbs safely and the device suits for use with a 2″ square receiver hitch.

    Its heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction tells you that this device is made to last for a long time. 

    This product comes with 76x7x 1 inches dimensions and it weighs around 51 lbs which means this one is lightweight compared to the other ones even tho is made of steel.

    -Suits best for tires up to 4.5 inches wide
    -Includes an anti-tilt locking device preventing damage when the vehicle moves.
    -You can load it from both sides
    – Easy assembly
    – Great portability

    What To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

    Transporting your bike can sometimes become a headache so be ready to get it out of your way even tho your motorcycle can be very heavyweight. Before you start reading some reviews about these carrier models make sure that your transporting vehicle meets the standards. Sometimes investing in these kinds of products can significantly make your life better. By making trips much easier, these will also be saving you money, saving you a lot of time, and protecting your bike from any kind of scratches or damages.

    All of the carriers listed above can be the best choice for you, but sometimes you need to find the best of the elites, meaning that one of these will suit you better and give you the best service. 

    There are some features you need to see in them and make the decision.

    But besides your carrier, you also must know everything about your vehicle where you attach the carrier.

    You must know that those hitch receivers also differ from each other, they are grouped into five classes based on the vehicle type and also the load capacity. To give you a better understanding of them the class I hitch receiver has a capacity of 300 pounds and can be used by SUVs, sedans, vans,sub-compact vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks, while class IV and V hitch receivers have a capacity of 2700 pounds but can only be used with light-heavy duty pickup trucks.

    Is It Made Of Aluminum Or Powder-Coated Steel?

    When it comes to these two materials steel tends to be the strong one that can carry heavy motorcycles in long distances, however, it needs to be powder-coated so there will be no damage from corrosion, while in the other hand aluminum is a much lighter material it cannot carry heavy bikes but is the best option for lighter bikes and it does not need to be coated so it can be protected from corrosion.

    Bike Mass

    Before you purchase this product you have to know the mass of your bike, motorcycle, or scooter. If you are using a lightweight bike purchasing a carrier with 400 pounds carrying capacity may be enough to fulfill your needs, however, when you are using a bigger bike I guess you have to buy the one that can reach the carrying capacity of your bike mass which mostly are made of steel.

    Ramp Length

    Even tho they do the same job, these carriers have different sizes of ramps. So if you think that you can load and unload your motorcycle by yourself it is better to know that you need a long ramp, by that I’m saying the longest possible because the longest the ramp the less effort required to push your bike in your position.


    The most important thing while choosing the dimensions is to look at the size of your tires and make sure it will fit in the channel so the bike won’t overhang.


    Every product that we buy must be in the price range that we expect, with that being said a good carrier does not mean that will cost a lot but it is worth investing to a certain degree so we can make sure that the device is made from very good quality materials. 

    Weight Capacity

    This one is maybe the most important thing that you can check when you’re trying to buy a carrier. You will need to know exactly the weight of your bike or motorcycle so you can decide which one will have the capacity to carry your bike whether it is a heavy one or a light one. Most of the carriers range between 400 and 600 pounds, but some of them can carry even more. As we told you before solid steel constructed carriers have a bigger capacity of loading while aluminum ones can carry a lot less. When you have to decide between two that are almost the same it is the best for you to choose the one with the higher capacity so you leave yourself plenty of leeways. 

    You Hitch Receiver

    These Motorcycle carriers on our list are designed to suit with a 2″ hitch receiver. However, it is better for your budget to double-check your hitch receiver before you’re buying the device and making the final purchase on it.


    One feature that will be the most helpful for you is a loading ramp. If you think that it is easy to load your bike by yourself I must tell you that you are wrong, so the best thing for you is the loading ramp which helps you attach your bike in the carrier much easier. If you don’t wanna go alone in this adventure you should probably transport your friend’s bike, which is only possible with the double bike carrier that can transport more than a motorcycle at the time.

    Benefits Of Using A Motorcycle Carrier

    Well, every product that you buy gives you the benefits of using them, which means using a carrier will give you a lot more benefits compared to the other transportation options.

    -They are a safe and very effective way to transport your bike

    -Frees room for the other cargo 

    – Purchasing one is much cost-effective than buying a trailer.

    -Saves you money from expensive towing companies

    -Gives a much safer ride for your bike

    How to Install a Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

    Installing this device in your vehicle will require you some basic tools and basic instruction from the manufacturer which you will follow carefully.

    There are some basic steps that we’ll give you:

    Tools needed:

    -13 mm and 17 mm wrench


    -Attach the support bracket to bar using bolts

    – Try to place the bike rack between these two support brackets and secure them with washers and nuts

    -Put the anti-tilt bracket over your car’s hitch bar

    -Put the rack into the trailer hitch

    – Try to place the bike rack between these two support brackets and secure them with washers and nuts

    If you are in doubt about your job, seek help from a professional.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a motorcycle hitch carrier?

    A motorcycle hitch carrier is a designed device for carrying your motorcycle and transporting it in a place while being attached to the hitch receiver of your vehicle, meaning that you can drive it safely to your destination. There are a lot of methods of transportation like using trailers or calling a towing company but unlike them, they do not depend solely upon positioned straps to keep your bike from wobbling or maybe falling dangerously.

    Are motorcycle racks legal?

    Some people think that using that may not be legal because they block the vehicle plates from being seen but they are wrong. It is absolutely legal using them especially if you put LED lights in them so they can be seen from other motorcyclists so no accident happens.

    What kind of bike can I haul with my motorcycle hauler?

    Everything depends on the carrier that you choose and the car or vehicle that you attached it to. These devices do not have a large capacity of carrying bikes so you have to measure exactly the weight of your motorcycle and see if the carrier has the strong capacity of carrying it around. The size of the motorbike also matters especially when it comes to hitch- hauling it. So the weight limit is one of the most important things otherwise, there is a big risk that your bike falls off the rack which may cause a lot of serious damage to it or the driver.

    Bottom Line

    So with that being said everything you need to know about carriers is in this article. You won’t regret if you spend money on buying this device especially if you are an enthusiast, adventurer motorcycle driver. You can save a lot of money by using them on stuff like a railing or expensive towing companies. Buying these products will give you opportunities to take your motorcycle wherever you want with you and maybe also your friend’s bike, and sharing the adventure together. So if you decided which one you will buy, do not waste time and purchase it as soon as possible because I won’t guarantee you that we won’t be out of stock. At the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed getting information and guidance on this very good designed product.