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What Dirt Bike Should I Get? (5 Things To Know)

    What Dirt Bike Should I Get

    You know, being the person who rides a dirt bike since he was 10 years old, people have been asking me “What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?” the whole time. The details that lead you to buy the proper dirt bike for you are very straightforward, but because many people have contacted me in these recent months, I decided to make an article about it and point out some of the things that you need to consider before buying a dirt bike.

    The market is pretty huge nowadays, but that’s not necessarily good, more models can also mean more frustration for you, because you’re always going to see a better model than the one you bought. But, keep in mind that a better model also doesn’t mean that that specific dirt bike matches your preference, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind such as size, experience level, what riding style you want, and so on.

    Maybe you haven’t thought of that, but the reason behind sizing in dirt bikes is very thought-out, as well as the engine types and designs. Choosing your dirt bike means matching your desires, what you want if for, and where you’re going to be riding it. So, to break this down in a simpler way, we’re going to make a shortlist of things that are crucial to consider when buying your first dirt bike.

    How To Choose Your Dirt Bike

    Riding style

    First, ask yourself what style of riding I want the bike for? Consider the terrains where you’ll be riding, on the trails, or long-distance enduro riding, or maybe racing motocross? Once you know all the answers to these questions, the whole process is going to become easier with less frustration in mind. There are dirt bikes available for all the above-mentioned types of riding, and unless you buy a dirt bike that’s specifically made for that type of riding, you won’t truly enjoy the favors and benefits that come along.

    I usually like to categorize dirt bikes in two different types, and then two subtypes based on the engine. There are Motocross/Supercross bikes, and there are enduro/trail bikes, while their subcategories are two-stroke engine dirt bikes, and four-stroke engine dirt bikes. Even though these bikes might look similar, and they might even have the same engine, they’re too different from one another depending on what they were built for.

    Think of it like this, motocross bikes are mainly made for rapid acceleration and big jumps, basically track racing, whereas enduro and trail bikes are built for rough riding. Such bikes are specifically made to provide you with exceptional comfort on long-distance rides on rough terrains. The other small factors such as gas tank capacity, suspension, and gearing will be the final step that will tell whether the dirt bike meets your preference or not.

    Dirt bike size

    To determine what size dirt bike you need you have to consider your own weight, height, riding experience, what you want it for, and how confident you feel for that type of riding. What can help you choose if by going to the store and trying out different sized bikes, hop on them and see if your left foot and right foot reaches the ground. If your foot is flat on the ground, that shows a sign that the bike is too small for you, and vice-versa, it you can’t reach the ground the bike is too large for you. Search for a bike that allows your foot to partially touch the ground, not too flat, but also not to the point where you can’t reach it.

    Your weight plays a huge role as well, the heavier you are the heavier the engine should be, and that’s very crucial because you don’t want to get a dirt bike that doesn’t perform fully due to the high weight. A 150 to 250cc bike is preferable for people who weigh less than 50 kilograms, and if you weigh more than that say 80 or 100 kilograms, then you might as well go for a 400cc dirt bike.

    Two-stroke vs. Four-stroke

    Assuming that you’ve considered the above-mentioned details, now you’re up to another decision, is it a four-stroke you want, or is it a two-stroke. If you want to know more details about how the two-stroke engine and how four-stroke engine works, click here to read the full article with everything explained in detail.

    For the sake of the article, I’m just going to point out some important details about two-stroke and four-strokes. A two-stroke dirt bike is simpler, featuring a lightweight engine that uses more fuel than a four-stroke, but it’s also more powerful. A four-stroke engines operate more smoothly, it is more fuel-efficient, and it has a more affordable lubrication system. The downside is that four-stroke have a heavier engine which automatically adds more weight to the dirt bike as well as harder handling, and they’re not as powerful as two-stroke bikes.

    Dirt bike brand

    This topic will also add some confusion since there is a wide range of dirt bike brands from which you can choose, and all of them are unique in their own way. Either way, if you’re a skilled rider, then the brand is not going to make much difference, but if you want to check out all the details and differences between these brands, make sure you read our article on “Which Dirt Bike Brand Is The Best?”.


    Dirt bikes can be very hefty, so it’s important to know how much money are you willing to spend. In case you’ve made up your mind to spend your savings and money isn’t really an issue, then you can go ahead and buy whatever suits you the most. Anyhow, what I’d recommend is a two-stroke, they are way cheaper to maintain when compared to four-strokes.


    From where I stand, these are the top 5 things that new riders stress about. Once you crack all the details and go through these steps one by one, by the end, you’re going to know which dirt bike meets your preference the most.

    This is the guidance that I didn’t have when I purchased my first adult dirt bike, and I really hope you don’t make the same mistakes that most people do. You don’t need to necessarily choose the fastest and the latest model dirt bike, go for some decent model that isn’t expensive, but it matches your riding style and skill level.

    I hope this article was helpful to you, if by any chance I left any questions regarding this topic unanswered, make sure you contact me and I’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.