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Which Dirt Bike Brand Is The Best (Top 5 Brands With Examples)

    Which Dirt Bike Brand Is The Best

    The question “Which Dirt Bike Brand is the Best?” is very complex, and it takes a lot of factors to answer it.

    If you’re new to dirt bike riding, let me tell you that there are a great selection of brands, and as easy as it sounds, it gets really frustrating when trying to answer these questions.

    That’s because every company is constantly inventing new innovations and features to make the rider’s ride more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Before I go and point out some of the best dirt bikes on the market, I’ll first mention some tips which can be helpful when choosing your dirt bike.

    Almost every brand is similar to one another, they all make dirt bikes right? But there are some blank spots on your side that might affect your decision when choosing a dirt bike.

    5 Important details to know

    How much are you willing to spend?

    Okay, you know that you want to get a dirt bike, but how much are you willing to spend for a dirt bike? Whatever you do, just make sure to stick to your financial plan, because the more cash left in your pocket, the more cash you can play with.

    What kind of riding will you do?

    You should know that it’s not wise to buy a motocross race bike if you’re planning on riding singletrack or trails. You’ll be pretty disappointed after the bike starts to slow down, because it’s not made for what you bought it.

    If you’re buying a used dirt bike, be careful because most of the bikes that changed over to road use are not 100 percent eligible for trail riding. On the other hand, if you’re after a road legitimate bike, then you’ll be good to go with a used one.

    How much time will you be spending on dirt bike riding?

    It is dirt bike riding something that you’ll do as a family, something that you plan on doing often with friends, or something that you’ll do every now and then!

    Each of these cases is different, for instance, if you’re someone that plans on riding the dirt bike every now and then, you don’t want to spend a lot of money just to take part in this sport.

    As opposed to something that you’ll do with your family, choose something that it’s appropriate for you to settle and feel confident. You don’t have to go for a powerhouse of an engine, choose rather something decent.

    Which merchants are close by?

    This is a mistake that almost every new rider makes, while this is a major factor when choosing on a dirt bike.

    Having a dirt bike is like raising a kid, and it will require new parts every now and then. What’s the catch is that such parts can be pretty hefty no matter where you’re buying them, eBay or a dealing shop.

    In general, eBay will spare you some cash, but you can’t be truly certain that the part that you’re getting from eBay is of good value.

    So, having a merchant close by it’s always better because you’re going to be able to shop face to face and see what you’re getting. That’s a lot more valuable than getting parts from eBay.

    How tall are you?

    Before buying a dirt bike, your height is something that you really need to consider. For instance, the arm-extending intensity of a 250cc two-stroke might be too much for you if you’re not tall or heavy enough.

    On the other hand, if you are heavy enough, what you should search for is a dirt bike with a beefier suspension and a powerful enough engine that beats you.

    On most dirt bikes, you can control and set the seat tallness by linkage and stun weight. So, if you’re purchasing a dirt bike for your son or daughter who is still developing youth, this is something that you should consider.

    Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Brands

    1. Honda

    Honda CRF450R

    Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company which is very popular in the dirt bike industry. Apart from dirt bikes, Honda is also known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and other power equipment.

    As an example, I’ll take one of their dirt bikes as a recommendation if you’re struggling to find a decent one for you.

    Honda CFR450R

    This particular model comes with double fumes framework, HPSD guiding damper and a push-catch CPU maps determination that allows for power conveyance adjusting.

    In addition, this Honda dirt bike also features a KYB air framework fork. One of the main selling points of this dirt bike is its light construction. To be more precise, this is one of the lightest dirt bikes in its class with 450 gauges of power.

    2. Husqvarna

     Husqvarna FC450

    Husqvarna is a well-known and respected brand that is basically one of the oldest manufacturers on the market. It is originally a Swedish company that dates back approximately 100 years ago when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing.

    One of my favorite dirt bike’s that this manufacturer has produced is the Husqvarna FC450. Let’s point out a couple of interesting facts that makes this dirt bike unique.

    Husqvarna FC450

    This is yet another remarkable dirt bike that not only looks good, but it’s also equally a good performer. Ever since the company emerged with KTM, Husqvarna has created more dirt bikes than it ever did in years.

    This particular model, the FC450 solely depends on the KTM 450SXF, but what’s better is that it features a distinctive suspension setting, a diverse bodywork, an alternate admission framework, and a couple of other things that make is stand out.

    I fell in love with this dirt bike simply because it’s pretty fast, light, and for the most part, it has an electric start, so it checks all the boxes of how a good dirt bike should be like.

    3. Kawasaki

     Kawasaki KX450F

    You have probably heard of this company as it is pretty popular around the globe.

    Kawasaki has been producing quality dirt bikes for quite some years now.

    Their motorcycles are manufactured by the Motorcycle and Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries with the headquarters mainly in Japan.

    However, they also have production sites in Michigan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

    To prove their craft quality and worthiness, I’ll take as an example one of their latest yet most popular dirt bikes, the Kawasaki KX450F.

    Kawasaki KX450F

    The Kawasaki KX450F is a 2016 dirt bike that would be an ideal choice if you’re looking for something strong and powerful.

    However, don’t get me wrong, stronger doesn’t necessarily mean heavier. In fact, this dirt bike is lighter and a lot slimmer than its predecessors. Although generally speaking, the KX uses the same Showa Triple Air fork just like before, but it’s still great due to the fact that it is entirely adjustable.

    In addition, you can adjust the area of the bars and pegs, while for the most part, you’ll like it because you can change the power conveyance with module connectors.

    4. Yamaha

     Yamaha YZ450F

    We all know Yamaha, right? Yamaha Motor Limited is a Japanese company that is known for producing quality motorcycles above all, but it’s also a manufacturer of marine products.

    The company has its headquarters in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan, and it’s one of the oldest manufacturers when it comes to motorcycles.

    One of my favorite models that Yamaha has produced is the Yamaha YZ450F.

    I rode this dirt bike for almost a year, and I had a very unpredictable experience with it.

    Yamaha YZ450F

    The Yamaha YZ450F is a truly quick dirt bike, but also incredibly unpredictable. What makes this dirt bike stand out from the other models on the market is the design.

    To be more precise, the YZ450F has its fumes in the back and the admission in front. Over the years, many upgrades were made including changes in division for the amplified casing, the diverse fork balance, and the gentler back suspension.

    5. Suzuki

     Suzuki RM-Z450

    Suzuki is also a Japanese company with headquarters based in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu.

    Apart from manufacturing motorcycles, this company is also known for manufacturing automobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and other marina engines.

    A friend of mine rides a Suzuki dirt bike, and I can tell he is pretty satisfied with what the RM-Z450 has to offer.

    Suzuki RM-Z450

    This is a dirt bike that I’d be comfortable recommending to anyone because it doesn’t disappoint in any aspect.

    You can customize the dirt bike’s power conveyance with the utilization of electronic couplers that are shading coding.

    In addition, what I like most about this dirt bike is that it also utilizes Suzuki’s adaptation of the Showa Triple Air.

    Final Verdict

    As you can see, the question “Which Dirt Bike Brand is the Best” depends entirely on you, your budget, and your preference.

    The ones that I mentioned above are probably the most popular companies in the world for motorcycle manufacturing. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a dirt bike from another brand isn’t as good for you as one of these would be.

    There are other models that would suit you well probably, so don’t limit yourself in only these 5 companies.

    I hope this article gave you an idea of what to look for when buying a dirt bike, what’s important to consider, and how to determine whether the dirt bike meets your requirements on not.